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-534Subchapter II—Magistrates' Courts § 4511. Suspension of sentence and probation (a) After a conviction of, or a plea of guilty to, an offense tried in a magistrate's court, that court may, when it appears to the satisfaction of the court that the ends of justice and the best interests of the public, as well as the defendant, will be subserved thereby: (1) suspend the imposition or execution of sentence and place the defendant upon probation; or (2) impose a fine and also place the defendant upon probation. (b) Probation granted under this section shall be upon such terms and conditions and for such period of time as the court deems best, but the period of probation, together with any extension thereof, may not exceed one year. (c) The court may revoke or modify any condition of probation granted under this section or change the period thereof. § 4512. Conditions which may be imposed upon probationer A magistrate's court, in placing a defendant upon probation pursuant to section 4511 of this title, may require the probationer to: (1) pay in one or several sums a fine imposed at the time of being placed upon probation; (2) make restitution or reparation to the aggrieved party for actual damages or loss caused by the offense for which conviction was had; and (3) provide for the support of persons for whose support he is legally responsible. CHAPTER 223—BAIL SUBCHAPTER I



4551. 4552. 4553. 4554. 45.'55. 4556. 4.'5.57. 45.58. 4559.

Admission to bail defined; authority to admit to bail. Taking of bail defined; excessive bail. Notice to United States attorney when bail discretionary. Time and terms of admission to bail. Qualifications of sureties. Bail upon being held to answer before information. Bail upon an information before conviction; continuation of prior baiL Fixing, increase or reduction of bail after information filed. Holding defendant in custody after appearance for trial. SUBCHAPTER II

4591. 4.TO2. 4593. 4594. 4.595. 4596.


Admission to bail. Form of bond; sureties. Commitment to Jail on failure to furnish bond. Admission to bail by officer in charge of police station. Bail on appeal to the district court. Forfeiture and exoneration of bail. BUBCHAFTEB I H

4631. 4632. 4633. 4634. 4635.


Right to malce cash deposit. Certificate of deposit. Deposit in exoneration of bail. Application of deposit to fine and costs; surplus. Forfeiture and exoneration of deposit; disposition. BUBCHAFTEB IV—BUBBENDEB OF DEFENDANT

4671. Surrender of defendant and exoneration of bail or deposit 4672. Arrest by bail or depositor. 4673. Return of deposit on surrender. SUBCHAPTER V—^RECOMMITMENT OF DEFENDANT; BENCH WABBANT

4701. 4702. 4703. 4704.

Failure to appear; insufficient bail; bench warrant. Issuance and execution of bench warrant. Form and execution of bench warrant. Commitment or admission to balL