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-540(e) I n an action triable in a magistrate's court, if the search warrant was issued by a magistrate, the warrant, return, inventory, and other papers shall be filed with the magistrate before whom the action is triable, notwithstanding Eule 41(f) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. § 4742. Disposition of property All property taken on a search warrant shall be retained by the officer executing the warrant in his custody, subject to the order of the court to which the papers are returned or the order of any other court in which the offense in respect to which the property was taken is triable. § 4743. Search of defendant in presence of judge or magistrate Wlien a person charged with a felony is believed by the judge or magistrate before whom he is brought to have on his person a dangerous weapon, or anything which may be used as evidence of the commission of the offense, the judge or magistrate may direct him to be searched and the weapons or other thing to be retained, subject to his order, or to the order of the court in which the defendant may be tried. CHAPTER 227—CORONER; POST-MORTEM EXAMINATIONS Sec. 4781. 4782. 4783. 4784.

Appointment of coroner and deputies. Regulations of the Governor. Duties of coroner; investigation of deaths. Post-mortem examinations by health director.

§ 4781. Appointment of coroner and deputies The Governor shall appoint a coroner for the Canal Zone, and may appoint such deputy coroners as may be required. § 4782. Regulations of the Governor The Governor shall prescribe, and from time to time may amend, regulations relating to the office of coroner, including, but not limited to, the procedure for investigating deaths. § 4783. Duties of coroner; investigation of deaths (a) The coroner or deputy coroner shall investigate, and determine and record the cause of, the death of a person whose body is found in the Canal Zone, or whose body is brought into the Canal Zone and whose death occurred within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the district court as defined by section 143 of Title 3, whenever: (1) there is reason to believe that death was caused by: (A) violence or unlawful means; (B) suicide; or (C) accident or casualty; (2) the deceased was not under the care of a physician at the time of death; or (3) the death was sudden or unusual or occurred under suspicious circumstances. (b) In the investigation of a death, the coroner or deputy coroner may order an autopsy if he deems it necessary. (c) The coroner is not required to investigate the death of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States that is investigated by a board of inquiry of the Armed Forces. § 4784. Post-mortem examinations by health director (a) The health director of the Canal Zone shall perform or cause to be performed a post-mortem examination on a body found within the Canal Zone if: