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-553process in civil actions arising out of the same facts as the criminal proceeding to answer which he is being or has been returned, until he has been convicted in the criminal proceeding, or, if acquitted, until he has had reasonable opportunity to return to the state from which he was extradited. § 5046. Written waiver of extradition proceedings A person arrested in the Canal Zone charged with having committed a crime in another State or alleged to have escaped from confinement, or broken the terms of his bail, probation or parole may waive the issuance and service of the warrant provided for by sections 5027 and 5028 of this title and all other procedure incidental to extradition proceedings, by executing or subscribing in the presence of the judge of the district court a writing which states that he consents to return to the demanding State; but if before the waiver is executed or subscribed by the person it shall be the duty of the judge to inform the person of his rights to the issuance and service of a warrant of extradition and to obtain a writ of habeas corpus as provided for by section 5030 of this title. If and when the consent has been duly executed it shall forthwith be forwarded to the office of the Governor of the Canal Zone and filed therein. The judge shall direct the officer having the person in custody to deliver forthwith the person to the duly accredited agent or agents of the demanding State, and shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the agent or agents a copy of the consent; but this section does not limit the rights of the accused person to return voluntarily and without formality to the demanding State, and this waiver procedure is not an exclusive procedure and does not limit the powers, rights or duties of the officers of the demanding State or of the Canal Zone. During the absence of the district judge, the powers conferred upon the district court by this section may be exercised by a magistrate or a magistrate's court. § 5047. Non-waiver by Canal Zone This subchapter does not constitute a waiver by the Government of the Canal Zone of its ri^ht, power or privilege to try such a demandeil person for crime committed within the Canal Zone, or of its right, power or privilege to regain custody of the person by extradition proceedings or otherwise for the purpose of trial, sentence or punishment for any crime committed within the Canal Zone, and proceedings had under this subchapter which result in, or fail to result in, extradition does not constitute a waiver by the Government of the Canal Zone, of any of its rights, privileges or jurisdiction. § 5048. No right of asylum; no immunity from other criminal prosecutions After a person has been brought back to the Canal Zone by, or after waiver of extradition proceedings, he may be tried in the Canal Zone for other crimes which he may be charged with having committed here as well as that specified in the requisition for his extradition. § 5049. Uniformity of interpretation The provisions of this subchapter shall be so interpreted and construed as to effectuate its general purposes to make uniform the law of those states which enact it. § 5050. Short title This subchapter may be cited as the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act.