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-555§ 5089. Authority of agents of Panama receiving fugitive in Canal Zone For the purpose of accomplishing the delivery of the fugitives apprehended and delivered in pursuance of this subchapter the Republic of Panama may send its agent or agents duly authorized to receive the fugitive into the territory of the Canal Zone, but the agent's action and authority shall be limited to receiving the fugitive at the point of departure for return to the Republic of Panama and, at the moment of departure and thenceforth, to exercising the necessary vigilance and restraint to prevent the escape of the person in custody. § 5090. Duty of Canal Zone authorities to facilitate return of fugitive I t is the duty of the authorities of the Canal Zone on the line of transit to provide the persons charged with the conveyance of the fugitives so delivered with all the means necessary to prevent escape and to remove all unlawful obstacles that may hinder or delay the return of the fugitives to the territory of the Republic of Panama. § 5091. Delivery of objects found in fugitive's possession All papers and other objects found in the possession of the fugitive at the time of his detention that refer to the crime, transgression or oflfense of which the fugitive is accused or convicted shall be delivered to the Government of the Republic of Panama. These papers and objects shall be restored after the conclusion of the case if there are third parties who assert a right to or over them. The authorities of the Government of the Canal Zone may provisionally retain the objects and papers as long as they are required for use as evidence in any other case pending or contemplated in the courts of the Canal Zone, whether or not the case is related to the case Avherein the demand for the apprehension and return of the fugitive originated. § 5092. Expense of capture, detention and transportation of fugitive The expense of capture, detention and transportation of a fugitive from the justice of the Republic of Panama, shall be paid by that Republic; but such expenses shall not include compensation for the services of the judiciary, military or police authorities of the Government of the Canal Zone. »^ •;






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CHAPTER 351—PRISONS AND PRISONERS GENERALLY Sec. 6501. 6502. 6503. 6504. 6505. 6506. 6507.

Regulations for management of prisoners. Hard labor In felony convictions; work in misdemeanor convictions. Transfer of prisoners. Penitentiary at Gamboa. Receipt and detention of convicts at penitentiary. Bringing prisoner before a court. Clotlilng and money for discharged prisoners.


§ 6501. Regulations for management of prisoners The Governor shall prescribe, and from time to time may amend, regulations providing for the management of prisoners in the penal institutions of the Canal Zone, including provisions for treatment,