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-558§ 6621. Eligibility for parole A prisoner confined in a penitentiary, jail or prison in the Canal Zone for a definite term or terms of over six months or for the term of his natural life, whose record shows that he has observed the rules of the institution in which he is confined, may be released by the Governor on parole after serving one-third of such term or terms or after serving 15 years of a life sentence or of a sentence of over 45 years. § 6622. Application for parole Application for parole shall be made in writing. An application may not be considered unless the penitentiary, jail, or prison records show that: (1) the applicant's conduct has been uniformly excellent for a period of at least six months immediately preceding the date of the application, or for a period immediately preceding the date of the application amounting to at least one-third of the term of imprisonment; and (2) the applicant has served the minimum time fixed by section 6621 of this title. § 6623. Conditions of parole (a) If it appears to the Governor from a report by the proper officers of the penitentiary, prison or jail^ or upon application by a prisoner for release on parole that there is a reasonable probability that the prisoner will live and remain at liberty without violating the laws, and if in the opinion of the Governor the release is not incompatible with the welfare of society, the Governor may in his discretion authorize the release of the prisoner on parole. (b) The parolee shall be allowed to return to his home, or to go elsewhere, upon such terms and conditions as the Governor prescribes. § 6624. Violation of parole (a) Violation of any condition of the parole within the maximum term or terms for which he was sentenced shall subject the prisoner to be retaken upon a warrant issued by the Governor or his designee and the warrant may be served by any peace officer. The unexpired term of imprisonment of the prisoner shall begin to run from the date he is returned under the warrant to the penitentiary, prison or jail from which he was paroled. (b) A prisoner taken into custody by virtue of a warrant under this section shall be given an opportunity to appear before the Governor or his designee or designees and the Governor may, after a hearing, or after a hearing has been waived, revoke the order of parole or modify the terms and conditions thereof. (c) If the order of parole is revoked the prisoner shall serve all or any part of the remainder of the sentence originally imposed and the time the prisoner was out on parole may not be taken into account to diminish the time for which he was sentenced. § 6625. Regulations by Governor The Governor shall prescribe, and from time to time may amend, regulations regarding parole necessary or desirable in carrying out the provisions of this chapter and not inconsistent therewith.