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-607§ 1586. Apportionment of property set apart Property set apart to the use of the family in accordance with this chapter, if the decedent left a surviving spouse and no minor child, is the property of the spouse. If the decedent left also a minor child or minor children, one-half of the property belongs to the surviving spouse, and the remainder to the child, or in equal shares to the children, if there are more than one. If there is no surviving spouse, the whole belongs to the minor child or minor children. CHAPTER 69—CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE SUBCHAPTER I—PKESENTATION OF CLAIMS

Sec. 1621. Notice to creditors; effect of death, etc., of executor or administrator; time for filing claims. 1622. Removal for neglecting to give notice. 1623. Filing copy of notice; aflldavit; decree. 1624. Executor's or administrator's claim; presentation; allowance or rejection; action. 1625. Affidavits in support of claims; claims not due; contingent claims; vouchers. 1626. Claim founded on written instrument; copy; secured claim. 1627. Claims not filed on time are barred; exception. 1628. Record of claims filed. 1629. Claims barred by limitations; examination of claimants; suspension of limitations pending administration. 1630. Claim in action pending at decedent's death. 1631. Claims filed with clerk; notice to executor or administrator; allowance or rejection. 1632. Claims presented to executor or administrator; allowance or rejection. 1633. Failure to act on claim; presentation by notary; acting on timely claim after time. 1634. Status of allowed claims; contest of validity. 1635. Record of claims allowed. 1636. Notice of rejection; action by claimant; time. 1637. Filing or presenting claim as prerequisite to action; exception. Ift38. Partial allowance. 1639. Reference; hearing and report; powers of master and court; effect. 1640. Liability of executor or administrator for costs. SUBCHAPTER 11—BULE8 GOVERNING PAYMENT OF CLAIMS

1661. Effect of judgment against executor or administrator. 1662. Judgment against decedent; execution; filing as claim; levy before death; redemption. 1663. Interest. 1664. Writing as prerequisite to personal liability of executor or administrator. 1665. Claimant not found; deposit with Government; receipt as voucher; final disposition if amount not claimed.

Subchapter I—Presentation of Claims § 1621. Notice to creditors; effect of death, etc., of executor or administrator; time for filing claims (a) An executor or administrator shall, immediatelv after his letters are issued, cause to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Canal Zone, a notice to the creditors of the decedent, requiring all persons having claims against the decedent to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the executor or administrator, at the place of his residence or business to be specified in the notice. The notice shall be published not less than once a week for four successive weeks. If the executor or administrator dies, resigns, or is removed, before the time expressed in the notice, his successor shall give notice only for the unexpired time allowed for the filing or presentation of claims. (b) The court may dispense with publication of the notice required by subsection (a) of this section, and direct that notice be