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-630quire into the claim, and, being first satisfied of his right thereto, shall grant him a certificate to that eflfect, under its seal. Upon the presentation of the certificate, the Canal Zone Government shall pay the amount thereof to the claimant. § 2003. Specific legacy for life only; inventory Where a specific legacy is for life only, the first legatee shall sign and deliver to the second legatee, or, if there is none, to the personal representative, an inventory of the property, expressing that it is in his custody for life only, and that, on his decease, it is to be delivered and to remain to the use and for the benefit of the second legatee, or to the personal representative, as the case may be. § 2004. Final settlement, decree, and discharge When the estate has been fully administered, and it is shown by the executor or administrator, by the production of satisfactory vouchers, that he has paid all sums of money due from him, and delivered, under the order of the court, all the property of the estate to the parties entitled, and performed all the acts lawfully required of him, the court shall make a judgment or decree discharging him from all liability to be incurred thereafter. § 2005. Letters after final settlement; after discovered property The final settlement of an estate, as provided in this chapter, does not prevent a subsecjuent issue of letters testamentary or of administration, or of administration with the will annexed, if other property of the estate is discovered, or if it becomes necessary or proper for any cause that letters should be again issued. CHAPTER 79—DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP SUBCHAPTER I—DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP IN ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATB Sec.

2041. 2042. 2043. 2044. 2045. 2046.

FetitioD to determine heirship; notice. Filing of appearance; default. Pleadings; trial. Decree determining rights; conclusiveness; costs. Attorney for minors. Determination of heirship at final distribution. SUBCHAPTER II—SEPARATE PROCEEDINO TO DETERMINE HEIRSHIP

2071. Establishment of identity of heirs. 2072. Notice of hearing. 2073. Answer; hearing; decree.

Subchapter I—Determination of Heirship in Administration of Estate § 2041. Petition to determine heirship; notice (a) At any time prior to the decree of final distribution, the executor or administrator, or any person claiming to be heir to the deceased, or entitled to distrioution in whole or in part of the estate, may file a petition, praying the court to ascertain and declare the rights of all persons to the estate and all interests therein, and to whom distribution thereof should be made. (b) Upon the filing of the petition, the court shall make an order directing service of notice to all persons interested in the estate to appear and show cause, on a day to be therein named, not less than 60 days nor more than 4 months from the date of the order. The notice shall set forth the name of the deceased, the name of the executor or administrator, the names of all persons who may have appeared claiming an interest in the estate in the course of the administration up to the time of the making of the order, and