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-648§ 2810. Abandonment as forfeiture of right to guardianship A parent who knowingly or willfully abandons, or having the ability to do so, fails to maintain, his minor child under 14 years of age, forfeits all right to the guardianship. § 2811. Marriage of guardian The marriage of a guardian does not extinguish or affect his authority as a guardian. § 2812. Trust companies as guardians A corporation or association authorized to conduct the business of a trust company in the Canal Zone may be appointed to act as a guardian of the estate, in like manner as an individual. The appointment as guardian applies to the estate only, and not to the person. CHAPTER 123—WHEN GUARDIANSHIP NOT NECESSARY See.

2851. Small estates of minors. 2852. Compromise of minors' claims. 2853. Accounting by parent. 2854. Married minors. § 2851. Small estates of minors If a minor has no guardian of his estate, money belonging to the minor not exceeding $100 or other property belonging to the minor not exceeding $100 in value may be paid or delivered to a parent of the minor entitled to his custody to hold for the minor, upon written assurance verified by the oath of the parent that the total estate of the minor does not exceed $500 in value. The written receipt of the parent shall be an acquittance of the person making the payment of money or delivery of property. § 2852. Compromise of minors' claims (a) If a minor has a disputed claim for money against a third person, the father, and if the father is dead or legally incompetent or has deserted or abandoned the minor, then the mother shall have the right to compromise the claim, but before the compromise is valid or has any effect it shall be approved by the division of the district court where the minor resides, upon a verified petition in writing, filed with the court. (b) If the court approves the compromise, the district court may direct the money to be paid to the father or mother of the minor, with or without the filing of a bond, or it may require a general guardian or guardian ad litem to be appointed and the money to be paid to the guardian or guardian ad litem with or without a bond as in the discretion of the court seems to the best interests of the minor. (c) The clerk of the district court may not charge a fee for filing the petition for leave to compromise or for placing it upon the calendar to be heard by the court. § 2853. Accounting by parent The parent receiving money under the provisions of this chapter shall account to the minor for the money when the minor reaches the age of majority. § 2854. Married minors A guardian of the person of a married minor may not be appointed solely by reason of minority. A guardian of the estate of a married female who has reached the age of 18 years may not be appointed solely by reason of her age.