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-657§ 3045. Conveyances and transfers to complete contracts (a) Proceedings for the completion of contracts for the sale of real estate by guardians shall be had and made as required by Part 3 of this title concerning the conveyance of real estate by executors and administrators under sections 1771-1779 of this title. (b) When a person who is bound by a contract in writing to convey real estate is afterwards, and before making the conveyance, adjudged to be an incompetent person, the court may make an order authorizing and directing his guardian to convey the real estate to the person entitled thereto. The decree may be made pursuant to sections 17711779 of this title. (c) When a person who is bound by contract in writing to convey real estate, or to transfer personal property, dies before making conveyance or transfer, and in all cases when the decedent, if living might be compelled to make the conveyance or transfer, the court having jurisdiction of the guardianship proceedings of a minor may make a decree authorizing and directing the guardian of the minor, who has succeeded by distribution to the estate of the deceased person, to convey or transfer the real estate or personal property to the person entitled thereto. Sections 1771-1779 of this title apply to conveyances by guardians as provided in this subsection. § 3046. Limitation of actions for the recovery of property An action for the recovery of property sold by a guardian may not be maintained by the ward, or by a person claiming under him, unless it is commenced within three years after the termination of the guardianship, or when a legal disability to sue exists by reason of minority or otherwise at the time the cause of action accrues, within three years next after the removal thereof.

CHAPTER 135—INVENTORY AND ACCOUNTING Sec. 3081. Inventory and appraisement. 3082. Failure to file inventory or account; revocation of letters; liability on bond. 3083. Examination of persons suspected of defrauding wards or concealing property. 3084. Accounts of guardians; Joint guardians. 3085. Termination of guardianship; continuing Jurisdiction to settle accounts. 3086. Accounts of deceased guardians. 3087. Expenses and compensation of guardians. 8088. Investments and management of wards' estates; orders of court. § 3081. Inventory and appraisement (a) Within 30 days after his appointment, or within such further period as the court, for reasonable cause, allows, the guardian shall return to the court a verified inventory of the estate of his ward. The estate of the ward described in the first inventory shall be appraised by appraisers, appointed, sworn, and acting in the manner provided for regulating the settlement of the estates of decedents. The inventory, with the appraisement of the property therein described, shall be recorded by the clerk of the court in a book kept in his office for that purpose. (b) When property of the estate of a ward is discovered which is not included in the inventory of the estate already returned, and when any other property has been succeeded to or acquired by a ward, or for his benefit, like proceedings shall be had for the return and appraisement thereof and the service of the same as are provided in this section in relation to the first inventory and return.

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