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-659hands, in a manner most to the interest of all concerned therein, and the court may make such other orders and give such directions as are needful for the management, investment, and disposition of the estate and effects as circumstances require. CHAPTER 137—NONRESIDENT WARDS Sec

3121. 3122. 3123. 3124. 8125.

Appointment of guardians of nonresidents. Powers and duties of guardians of nonresidents; bonds. Removal of ward's property. Same; notice; certificate. Same; order; discharge of local fiduciary.

§ 3121. Appointment of guardians of nonresidents The district court may appoint a guardian of the person or estate, or both, of a minor or incompetent person, who has no guardian within the Canal Zone, legally appointed by will, deed, or otherwise, and who resides out of the Canal Zone, and has estate within the division or who, though not having such an estate, is within the division, upon petition of a friend of the person or any one interested in his estate, in expectancy or otherwise. Before making the appointment, the court shall cause notice to be given to all persons interested, in such manner as the court deems reasonable. The guardianship which is first lawfully granted of a person residing out of the Canal Zone extends to all the estate of the ward within the Canal Zone. § 3122. Powers and duties of guardians of nonresidents; bonds (a) A guardian appointed pursuant to section 3121 of this title has the same powers and duties, with respect to the estate of the ward within the Canal Zone, and with respect to the person of the ward, if the ward comes to reside within the Canal Zone, as are prescribed with respect to any other guardian appointed under this Part. (b) The guardian shall give bond to the ward, in the manner and with the like conditions as provided for other guardians, except that the provisions respecting the inventory, the disposal of the estate and effects, and the account to be rendered by the guardian, shall be confined to the estate and effects which come to his hands in the Canal Zone. § 3123. Removal of ward's property When the guardian and ward are both nonresidents, and the ward is entitled to property in the Canal Zone which may be removed to a State or foreign country without conflict with any restriction or limitation thereupon, or impairing the right of the ward thereto, the property may be removed to the State or foreign country of the ward's residence, upon the application of the guardian to the division of the district court in which the estate of the ward, or the principal part thereof, is situated. § 3124. Same; notice; certificate (a) The application pursuant to section 3123 of this title shall be made upon 10 days' notice to the resident executor, administrator, or guardian, if any. (b) Upon the application, the nonresident guardian shall produce and file: (1) a certificate, under the hand of the clerk and the seal of the court from which his appointment was derived, showing: (A) a transcript of the record of his appointment; ,^ J, (B) that he has entered upon the discharge of his duties; and (C) that he is entitled, by the laws of the State of his appointment, to the possession of the estate of the ward; or