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-690§ 342. Parental abuse The abuse of parental authority is the subject of judicial cognizance in a civil action brought by the child, by its relative within uie third degree, or by the United States attorney. If the abuse is established, the child may be freed from the dominion of the parent, and the duty of support and education enforced. § 343. Termination of parental authority The authority of a parent ceases upon: (1) the appointment by a court of a guardian of the person of a child; (2) the marriage of the child; or 3 (3) its attaining majority. § 344. Relinquishment of services and custody ' The parent, whether solvent or insolvent, may relinquish to the child the ri^ht of controlling him. Abandonment by the parent is presumptive evidence of such a relinquishment. § 345. Wages of minors The wages of a minor employed in service may be paid to him. § 346. Residence of child Subject to the power of the proper court to restrain a removal prejudicial to the rights or welfare of the child, a parent entitled to the custody of a child has a right to change his residence. CHAPTER 11—CHILDREN BY ADOPTION Sec.

381. Adoption generally. 382. Adoption by stepfather or stepmother. 383. Notice to absent or nonconsenting parent. 384. Investigation. 385. Adoption order; effect. iiSQ. Consent to adoption of Illegitimate child. 387. Adoption of illegitimate child by father.


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§ 381. Adoption generally (a) An unmarried resident of the Canal Zone, or a husband and wife jointly, may petition the district court for leave to adopt a minor child. (b) Written consent to the adoption must be given by the child, if of the age of 14 years, and: (1) by each living parent who is not incompetent, intemperate, or otherwise unfit, or has not abandoned the child; or (2) if there are no such parents, or the parents are unknown, or have abandoned the child, or they are incompetent, intemperate, or otherwise unfit, then by the legal guardian; or (3) if there is no legal guardian, then by a discreet and suitable person appointed by the court to act in the proceeding as next friend of the child. (c) When the child is an inmate of a charitable institution within the Canal Zone, and has been previously abandoned by its parents or guardians thereto, written consent to the adoption by the head of the institution is required. (d) This section does not authorize a giiardian to adopt his ward before the termination of the guardianship and the final settlement and approval, by the court, of his accounts as guardian. § 382. Adoption by stepfather or stepmother (a) A resident of the Canal Zone, the husband or wife of a parent who has a minor child by a deceased or divorced former spouse, may petition the district court for leave to adopt the minor child and change his name.