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[77 STAT. 1107]
[77 STAT. 1107]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963

SUBJECT INDEX Page Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Cooperation, National Commission on, appropriation for expenses 780 Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, Mutual, appropriation for effecting provisions 232, 780, 799, 800 Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation, incorporation; reports 8,12 Electrical and Photometric Measurements, candela, unit of luminous intensity 299 Emancipation Proclamation Centennial, proclamation 966 Emergency Planning, Office of, appropriation for 23, 36, 425 Employees' Compensation, Bureau of, appropriation for 30, 41, 227 Employment Security, Bureau of, appropriation for 30, 40, 225 Engineers, Corps of: Appropriation for 36, 844 Beach Erosion Board— Abolishment, transfer of functions to Coastal Engineering Research Center 304 Appropriation for 845 Civil functions, appropriation for 844 Coastal Engineering Research Center, establishment 304 Construction, appropriation for 845 Contracts with United States, military installations, supervision 328 D a m s and reservoirs, federally constructed, local interests and rights for water storage 249 Flood control. See separate title. General investigations, flood control, etc., appropriation for studies 844 G u y and o t River, Barboursville, W. Va., bank protection project 155 Rivers and Harbors, Board of Engineers for, functions 305 Equal Pay Act of 1963 56 European Atomic Energy Community, cooperation with, appropriation authorization 86 Executive Office Appropriation Act, 1964 _ 63 Executive Office of the President: Appropriation Act, 1964 63 Appropriation for 63, 425 Exhibitions, Special International, appropriation for 800 Export Control Act of 1949, appropriation for effecting provisions 786 Export-Import Bank Act of 1945, Amendments, increased lending authority; extension of functions 128

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Export-Import Bank of Washington: Appropriation for 37, 862 Communist countries, restriction on extension of credit to 863

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938: Amendments, minimum wages, discrimination on account of sex, prohibition 56 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 228 Family Services, Bureau of, appropriation for 240 Farm-City Week, National, 1963, proclamation 1016 Farm Credit Administration, appropriation for 37,833 Farm Safety Week, National, 1963, proclamation 990 Farmer Cooperative Service, appropriation for 34,823 Farmers Home Administration, appropriation for 20,831 Fayetteville, Ark., land conveyance by Veterans Administration to city 253 Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1962, appropriation for effecting provisions 792 Federal-Aid Highway Amendments Act of 1963 276 Federal Airport Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 429 Federal Aviation Act of 1958, appropriation for effecting provisions 427, 430 Federal Aviation Agency: Appropriation for 37, 429 Civil supersonic aircraft development, appropriation for 430 Dulles International Airport, appropriation for 430 General provisions. Appropriation Act. _ 430 Grants-in-aid for airports, liquidation of contract authorization, appropriation for 430 Research and development, appropriation for 430 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 430 Federal Bureau of Investigation, appropriation for 40, 782 Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, appropriation for effecting provisions 427 Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Review, appropriation for 110 Federal Communications Commission, appropriation for 37, 431