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[77 STAT. xiv]
[77 STAT. xiv]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963

XIV Public Law 88-131


Collisions at sea, prevention. AN ACT To authorize the President to proclaim regulations for preventing collisions at sea_ _ Sept. 24, 1963 8 8 - 1 3 2... Uniformed Services Pay Act of 1963. AN ACT To amend title 37, United States Code, to increase the rates of basic pay for members of the uniformed services, and for other purposes Oct. 2, 1963... 88-133 Railroad Retirement Act, unemployment insurance. AN ACT To amend the Railroad Retirement Act of 1937, the Railroad Retirement Tax Act, the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, and the Temporary Extended Railroad Unemployment Insurance Benefits Act of 1961 to increase the creditable and taxable compensation, and for other purposes Oct. 5, 1963... 88-134 Veterans, widows, increased payments. AN ACT To amend section 411(a) of title 38, United States Code, to increase the rates of dependency and indemnity compensation p a y able to widows of veterans dying from service-connected disabilities Oct. 5, 1963... 88-135 Alaska, land development. AN ACT To amend the Act providing for the admission of the State of Alaska into the Union with respect to the selection of public lands for the development and expansion of communities Oct. 8, 1963 — 88-136 Departments of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare Appropriation Act, 1964- AN ACT Making appropriations for the Department s of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare, and related agencies, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1964, and for other purposes Oct. 11, 1963... 88-137 D.C., communicable diseases, prevention and control. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to m a k e regulations to prevent and control the spread of communicable and preventable diseases", approved August 11, 1939, as amended.. Oct. 11, 1963 — 88-138 Alcatraz Island, disposition. AN ACT To establish a Federal commission on the disposition of Alcatraz Island Oct. 16, 1963 — 88-139 District courts, sessions. AN ACT To provide that the district courts shall be always open for certain purposes, to abolish terms of court and to regulate the sessions of the courts for transacting judicial business Oct. 16, 1963 — 88-140 Water reservoirs, interest of local agencies. AN ACT Defining the interest of local public agencies in water reservoirs constructed by the Government which have been financed partially by such agencies Oct. 16, 1963 — 88-141 Detroit, Mich., land transfer. AN ACT To provide for the transfer for urban renewal purposes of land purchased for a lowr e n t housing project in the city of Detroit, Michigan Oct. 16, 1963 — 88-142 Alabama, Aliceville lock and dam. AN ACT To change the n a m e of the Memphis lock and d a m on the Tombigbee River near Aliceville, Alabama Oct. 16, 1963... 88-143 Padre Junipero Serra, anniversary medals. AN ACT To furnish to the Padre Junipero Serra 250th Anniversary Association medals in commemoration of this 250th anniversary of his birth Oct. 16, 1963-__ 88-144 Rhode Island, Mount Hope Bay bridge tolls. AN ACT Authorizing the State of Rhode Island or its i n s t r u m e n t a l i t y to maintain, repair, and operate the bridge across M o u n t H o p e B a y subject to the terms and conditions of the Act approved March 23, 1906 Oct. 16, 1963... 88-145 Arkansas, real property, restriction release. AN ACT To p r o vide for the release of restrictions and reservations on certain real property heretofore conveyed to the State of Arkansas by the United States of America Oct. 16, 1963... 88-146 Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, amendment. AN ACT To amend section 7 of the Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, as amended Oct. 16, 1963... 88-147 Nevada, centennial medals. AN ACT To provide for the striking of medals in commemoration of the one h u n d r e d t h anniversary of the admission of N e v a d a to statehood Oct. 16, 1963 — 88-148 Fayetteville, Ark., land conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs to convey certain land situated in the State of Arkansas to the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas Oct 17, 1963.. -

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