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[77 STAT. 176]
[77 STAT. 176]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963


PUBLIC LAW 88-130-SEPT. 24, 1963

[77 STAT.


"Sec. "211. "212. "213. "214.

Original Original Original Original

appointment appointment appointment appointment

of of of of

permanent permanent permanent temporary

commissioned officers. commissioned warrant officers. warrant officers (W-1). officers.


"251. "252. "253. "254. "255. "256. "257. "258. "259. "260. "261. "262.

Selection boards; convening of boards. Selection boards; composition of boards. Selection boards; notice of convening; communication with board. Selection boards; oath of members. Number of officers to be selected for promotion. Promotion zones. Eligibility of officers for consideration for promotion. Selection boards; information to be furnished boards. Officers to be recommended for promotion. Selection boards; reports. Selection boards; submission of reports. Failure of selection for promotion. "C. PROMOTIONS

"271. "272. "273. "274. "275. "276. "277.

Promotions; appointments. Removal of officer from list of selectees for promotion. Promotions; acceptance; oath of office. Promotions; pay and allowances. Wartime temporary service promotions. Promotion of officers not included on active duty promotion list. Temporary promotions of warrant officers. "D. DISCHARGES; RETIREMENTS; REVOCATION OF COMMISSIONS

"281. Revocation of commissions during first three years of commissioned service. "282. Regular lieutenants (junior grade); separation for failure of selection for promotion. "283. Regular lieutenants; separation for failure of selection for promotion; continuation. "284. Regular Coast Guard; officers serving under temporary appointments. "285. Regular lieutenant commanders and commanders; retirement for failure of selection for promotion. "286. Discharge in lieu of retirement; severance pay. "287. Separation for failure of selection for promotion or continuation; time of. "288. Regular captains; retirement. "289. Captains; continuation on active duty; Involuntary retirement. "290. Rear admirals; retention on the active list; involuntary retirement. "291. Voluntary retirement after twenty years' service. "292. Voluntary retirement after thirty years' service. "293. Compulsory retirement at age of sixty-two. "294. Retirement for physical disability after selection for promotion; grade In which retired. " E. SEa>ARATION FOR CAUSE

"321. "322. "323. "324. "325. "326. "327.

Review of records of officers. Boards of Inquiry. Boards of review. Composition of boards. Rights and procedures, Removal of officer from active duty; action by Secretary. Officers considered for removal; retirement or discharge; severance benefits. "F. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS

"331. "332. "333. "334. "335.

Recall to active duty during war or national emergency. Recall to active duty with consent of officer. Relief of retired officer promoted while on active duty. Retirement in cases where higher grade has been held. Physical fitness of officers."