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[77 STAT. 443]
[77 STAT. 443]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963


PUBLIC LAW 88-215-DEC. 19, 1963




During the current fiscal year, the Loan guaranty revolving fund shall be available for expenses, but not to exceed $300,000,000, for property acquisitions and other loan guaranty and insurance operations under Chapter 37, title 38, United States Code, except adminis- ii Stat. 1203; trative expenses, as authorized by section 1824 of such \A^^'. Provided, ^^rusc^^is'oiThat the retained earnings of the Direct loans to veterans and reserves is25. levolving fund shall be available, during the current fiscal year, for transfer to said Loan guaranty revolving fund in such amounts as may be necessary to provide for the foregoing expenses. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS

Not to exceed 5 per centum of any appropriation for the current fiscal year for "Compensation and pensions", "Readjustment benefits", and "Veterans insurance and indemnities" may be transferred to any other of the mentioned appropriations, but not to exceed 10 per centum of the appropriations so augmented. Appropriations available to the Veterans Administration for the current fiscal year for salaries and expenses shall be available for services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a).

60 Stat. 810.

The appropriation available to the Veterans Administration for the current fiscal year for "Medical care" shall be available for funeral, burial, and other expenses incidental thereto (except burial awards authorized by section 902 of title 38, United States Code), for beneficiaries of the Veterans Administration receiving care under such appropriations. No part of the appropriations in this Act for the Veterans Administration (except the appropriation for "Construction of hospital and domiciliary facilities") shall be available for the purchase 01 any site for or toward the construction of any new hospital or home. No part of the foregoing appropriations shall be available for hospitalization or examination or any persons except beneficiaries entitled under the laws bestowing such benefits to veterans, unless reimbursement of cost is made to the appropriation at such rates as may be fixed by the Administrator of Veterans Affairs. INDEPENDENT


72 Stat. iieq.


SEC. 102. Where appropriations in this title are expendable for Travel extravel expenses of employees and no specific limitation has been placed p«"ses. thereon, the expenditures for such travel expenses may not exceed the amounts set forth therefor in the budget estimates submitted for the appropriations: Provided, That this section shall not apply to travel performed by uncompensated officials of local boards and appeal boards of the Selective Service System, to travel performed in connection with the investigation of aircraft accidents by the Civil Aeronautics Board, to travel performed directly in connection with care and treatment of medical beneficiaries of the Veterans Administration, or to payments to interagency motor pools where separately set forth in the budget schedules. SEC. 103. No part of any appropriation contained "in this title shall Positions of embe available to pay the salary of any person filling a position, other Ar°med Vorces'"^ than a temporary position, formerly held by an employee who has left to enter the Armed Forces of the United States and has satisfactorily completed his period of active military or naval service and has within ninety days after his release from such service or from hospitalization continuing after discharge for a period of not more than