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[77 STAT. 874]
[77 STAT. 874]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1963


PRIVATE LAW 88-2-APR. 26, 1963

l77 STAT.

Private Law 88-2 April 26, 1963 [H. R. 2291]

Lewis s. Cass,

AN ACT Kejiiirding a hoiuesteiid entry of Lewis S. Cass.

Be it enacted by the Seriate and House of I?ep)'ese)itaf/ves of the I'nlted Stutes of America in Congre-ss assemhhd. That the Secretary of the Interior shall reinstate the homestead entry of Jjewis S. Cass (Anchorage Numbered 031055) that was canceled because at the time the entry Mas made the land was in a withdrawn status, and the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to process the entry in accordance with the applicable provisions of law, subject to such modification of time requirements as he deems ecpiitable in view of the prior cancellation of the entry. Approved April 26, 1963. Private Law 88-3

April 26, 1963 [H. R. 2294]

AN ACT rj^,, authorize the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain hind situated in the vicinity of Unahtkleet, Ahiska, to Mrs. William K. heltz.

7^e it enacted by the Senate and Ilou-'se of Representatives of the Mrs. wiiiiamE. United. States of Americti in Conc/rexs a.s.\emb/ed. That the Secretary ^c^lnveyance. ^^ ^^^^ lutcrior is authorized and directed to issue, subject to the provisions of section 2, to Mrs. William K. Beltz a patent in fee (exclusive of oil, gas, and other mineral rights) to the following described tract of land, together with all buildings and other improvements there<m, situated in the vicinity of Vnalakleet, Alaska: Post immbered 1 located on left limit of North Kiver on sajulbar approximately 400 feet east of the North River Bridge; thence 2,640 feet in an easterly direction following the river u))stream to a narrow slough and following the slough to post numbered 2; thence 2,640 feet in a southerly direction (through timber) to j^ost numbered 3: thence 2,640 feet in a westerly direction to post numbered 4 located on the bank of the North River; thence upstream in a northerly direction back to post numbered 1 approximately 2,640 feet from jwst numbered 4; such land being the same land described in the homestead settlement claim (No. F-023595) of the late William K. BeUz. SEC. 2. The patent shall be subject to outstanding gravel permits and rights-of-way, the patent may be issued only after payment of the fees that the deceased entryman would have been required to pay, and the patent shall be base(l upon a survev made without cost to Mrs. Beltz. Approved April 26, 1963. Private Law 88-4 May 17, 1963 [S- 394]

^^ ^^"^ '£Q validate the homestead entries of Leo F. Reeves.

Be it enacted by the /Senate and House of Representatives of the Leo F. Reeves. United States of America in Congress ussembledy That, notwithstanding the status of lots 3 and 4, section 1, township 4 north, range 11 west and lot 12 and the south twenty acres of lot 13, section 31, township 5 north, range 10 west, Seward meridian, Alaska, and the requirements of the homestead laws relating to settlement on entered lands, the