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101 Rates of Duty

PART 4. - PAPER, PAPERBOARD, AND PRODUCTS THEREOF Part 4 headnotes: 1. This part covers certain paper-making materials, paper and paperboard, and articles of pulp, of paper, and of paperboard, but does not cover — (i) certain boards I see part 3 of this schedule); (ii) certain printed matter (see part 5 of this schedule); (iii) paper-backed metal foils (see part 3C of schedule 6); (Iv) luggage, handbags, or flat goods (see part 10 of schedule 7); or (v) certain other articles specifically provided for in schedule 7. 2.

For the purposes of this part — (a) the term "ream" means 432,000 square Inches; (b) the term "cut to size or shape" means paper or paperboard without slits, holes, or other perforations which is — (i) In rolls or strips not exceeding 6 Inches in width, (ii) in rectangular sheets not exceeding 15 inches in either length or width (except handmade paper the edges of which have not been cut or trimmed), or (III) cut Into non-rectangular shapes of any size, whether or not the cutting of such paper or paperboard dedicates it to any specific use; (c) the term "lithographically printed" means printed in whole or In part by a lithographic process; and (d) the term "writing paper" includes, but is not limited to, papers such as ledger, letter, manifold, mimeograph, note, onionskin, tablet, and typewriter papers. 3. Samples used In determining the weight of papers classifiable in this part according to weight shall be conditioned in an atmosphere at 50 percent (t 2 percent) relative humidity under 23° C. I- 2°C.) temperature. 4. If any country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government shall forbid or restrict In any way the exportation of (whether by law, order, regulation, contractual relation, or otherwise, directly or indirectly), or impose any export duty, export license fee, or other export charge of any kind whatsoever (whether in the form of additional charge or license fee or otherwise) upon printing paper, or wood pulp, or wood for use In the manufacture of wood pulp, the President may enter into negotiations with such country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government to secure the removal of such prohibition, restriction, export duty, or other export charge, and if it is not removed he may, by proclamation, declare such failure of negotiations, setting forth the facts. Thereupon, and until such prohibition, restriction, export duty, or other export charge is removed.