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SCHEDULE 2, -WOOD AND PAPER; PRINTED MATTER Part 5. - Books, Pamphlets, and Other Printed Matter Rates of Duty





273.05 273.15 273.20

273.25 273.30 273.35

273. to

273.45 273.50

273.55 273.60



273.75 275.80

Periodicals, if entered within 6 months of the date of issue; Devoted to fashions, and printed in whole or in part by a lithographic process, or decorated byhand Devoted to current literature of the day, or containing current literature as a predominant feature

h<f per lb.

per lb.

Tourist literature, containing geographic, historical, hotel, time-table, travel, or similar information, chiefly with respect to places or travel facilities outside the continental United States Printed catalogs, price lists, or trade notices, relating to offers, by a person whose principal place of business or bona fide residence is in a foreign country, to sell or rent products of a foreign country or to furnish foreign or international transportation or commercial insurance services Music in books or sheets: Printed over 20 years at time of importation Printed not over 20 years at time of importation: Wholly or almost wholly of foreign authorship Other Printed maps, globes, atlases, and charts (except tourist literature provided for in item 270.70): Hydrographic charts issued by scientific institutions for their subscribers or exchanges Globes Other: Printed over 20 years at time of importation.. Printed not over 2 0 years at time of importation Architectural, engineering, industrial, or commercial drawings and plans, whether originals or reproductions printed on sensitized materials by any photographic process: Produced over 20 years before importation Produced not over 20 years before importation: Suitable as designs for use in the manufacture of floor coverings, textiles, wall coverings, or wall paper Other

3% ad val. 1051^ ad val.

1 5 % ad val. 2 5 % ad val.

Free 17.59^ ad val.

Free 359^ ad val.



8.5S^ ad val.

2 5 ^ ad val.

35^ ad val. 8.55^ ad val.

2 0 ^ ad val. 2 5 ^ ad val.

750 per lb. + 1056 ad val.

$1.25 per lb. + 15S^ ad val.

l8<f per lb. + 1 0 ^ ad val.

300 per lb. + 13% ad val.

200 per lb. 32.50 per lb.

kO<f per l b. 650 per l b.

Manuscripts, typewritten matter, and carbon copies thereof, all the foregoing not specially provided for Decalcomanias (except toy decalcomanias): In ceramic colors: Weighing not over 100 pounds per 1000 sheets (on the basis of 20 by 30 Inches in dimensions) Weighing over 100 pounds per 1000 sheets (on the basis of 20 by 30 inches in dimensions) Other: Not backed with metal leaf Backed with metal leaf