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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 3. - TEXTILE FIBERS AND TEXTILE PRODUCTS Part 4. - Fabrics of Special Construction or For Special Purposes; Articles of Wadding or Felt; Fish Nets; Machine Clothing


Rates of IXity


Narrow f a b r i c s ( c o n.): Of man-made f i b e r s: Ribbons: Pile.

150 per lb. + 2256 ad val. 25« per lb. + 2 0 % ad val. 250 per lb. + 22.596 ad val.

450 per 65% ad 450 per 70% ac 450 per 70% ac

21% ad val. 30% ad val. 25« per lb. + 19% ad val. 12% ad val. 17.5% ad val.

50% ad val. 60% ad val. 450 per lb. 70^ ac val. 45% ad val. 40% ad val.

Braids not suitable for making or ornamenting headwear: Tubular braids with a nonelastio core. Other.

3 0 % ad val. 42.5% ad val.

60% ad val. 90% ad val.

Elastic yarns, cordage, braids, and fabrics: Yarns and cordage, and tubular braids with a rubber core Fabrics, not braided. Other.

3 0 % ad val. 2 0 % ad val. 42.5% ad val.

40% ad val. 60% ad val. 90% ad val.




Seamless t u b i n g s. Other: Of g l a s s:

347.68 347.69 347.70 347.72 347.75

348.00 348.05

349.10 349.20 349.30

Not colored. Colored. Other. Of metalized yarns. Other.

Subpart B.

Lace, Netting, and Ornamented Fabrics

Subpart B headnotes: 1, This subpart covers only (a) textile fabrics In the piece, of any width. Including edgings. Insertings, galloons, flounclngs, and all-overs, and (b) textile motifs. Fabrics described In part 3, part 4A, or part 4C of this schedule are covered by Item 353,50 If ornamented. 2. For the purposes of this subpart — (a) the term "motIfs" embraces individual textile pieces such as, but not limited to, labels, badges, emblems. Insignia, Initials, numbers, and ornaments, designed and almost wholly used for Incorporation in, or appllqueing on,wearing apparel, furnishings,and other textile articles; and (b) the term "qui 11Inq". In Item 352.30, means netting not over 12 inches in width with fast edges formed simultaneously by the same machine which produced the netting.

lb. val.

lb. val.

lb. val.