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Part 12. - Beverages A. - Fruit juices B. - Non-alcoholic beverages C. - Fermented alcoholic beverages D. - Spirits, spirituous beverages and beverage preparations Part 13. - Tobacco and tobacco products Part 14. - Animal and vegetable oils, fats, and greases A. - Oil-bearing vegetable materials B. - Vegetable oils, crude or refined C. - Animal oils, fats, and greases, crude or refined D. - Hardened oils, fats, and greases; mixtures Part 15. - Other animal and vegetable products A. - Products of American fisheries B. - Edible preparations C. - Animal feeds D. - Feathers, downs, bristles, and hair E. - Shellac and other lacs; natural gums, gum resins, resins, and balsams; turpentine and rosin F. -Miscellaneous animal products G. - Miscellaneous vegetable products SCHEDULE 2. - WOOD AND PAPER; PRINTED MATTER Part 1. - Wood and wood products A. - Rough and primary wood products; wood waste B. - Lumber, flooring, and moldings C. - Densified wood and articles thereof D. - Wooden containers E. - Miscellaneous products of wood F. - Articles not specially provided for, of wood Part 2. - Cork and cork products; bamboo, rattan, willow and chip; basketwork, wickerwork, and related products of fibrous vegetable substances A. - Cork and cork products B. - Bamboo, rattan, willow, and chip; basketwork, wickerwork, and related products of fibrous vegetable substances Part 3. - Wood veneers, plywood and other wood-veneer assemblies, and building boards Part 4. - Paper, paperboard, and products thereof A. - Paper-making materials B. - Paper and paperboard, in rolls and sheets, not cut to size or shape C. - Paper and paperboard cut to size or shape; articles of paper and paperboard D. - Articles not specially provided for of pulp, of papiermache, of paper, or of paperboard Part 5. - Books, pamphlets, and other printed matter