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SCHEDULE 4. - CHEMICALS AND RELATED PRODUCTS Part 1. Benzenoid Chemicals and Products

19 6 Rates of Duty


I headnotes:

1. Except as specifically set forth In the headnotes to other parts of this schedule, all products described in this part shall be classified hereunder even if more specifically described elsewhere in this schedule. Any product described In both subparts B and C of this part shall be classified In subpart C. 2. For the purposes of this part, the term "modified benzenoid" describes a molecular structure havlny at least one six-membered heterocyclic ring which contains at least four carbon atoms and having an arrangement of molecular bonds as in the benzene ring or In the quinone ring, but does not include any such molecular structure in which one or more pyrlmldine rings are the only modified benzenoid rings present. 3. With the exception of the natural products provided for in subpart C, this part does not cover cyclic organic chemical products (such as, but not limited to, tannic, gallic and pyrogallic acids; estrone, estradiol, and corticosteroids; morphine, ergot, and cinchona alkaloids; rotenone; phenylalanine; tyrosine; epinephrine; and thymols) having a benzenoid, quinold, or modified benzenoid structure, which are produced from animal or vegetable products in which such structure occurs naturally, unless such cyclic organic chemical products were obtained, derived, or manufactured-In part from any product provided for In subpart A, B or C of this part. 4. The ad valorem rates provided In this part shall be based upon the American selling price, as defined in section 402 or 402a of this Act, of any similar competitive article manufactured or produced in the United States. If there Is no similar competitive article manufactured or produced In the United States then the ad valorem rate shall be based upon the United States value, as defined In the said section 402 or 402a. 5. For the purposes of this part, any product provided for In this part shall be considered similar to, or competitive with, any imported product which accomplishes results substantially equal to those accomplished by the domestic product when used In substantially the same manner.