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Part 7.

SCHEDULE 4. - CHEMICALS AND RELATED PRODUCTS Aromatic or Odoriferous Substances; Perfumery, Cosmetics and Toilet Preparations Rates of Duty


Perfumery, Cosmetics, and Toilet Preparations

Subpart B headnote; I, The term "cosmetics and other toilet preparations" in this subpart covers products such as dentifrices, powders, lotions, pastes, and creams, whether or not described in part I of this schedule, chiefly used in applications to the surface of the human body for lending attractiveness, for theatrical make-up, or for cleansing or conditioning the hair, mouth, teeth, ski'n, or nails, but the term does not include any of the products described In part 8 of this schedule.


Bath salts, whether or not having medicinal properties Not perfumed Perfumed


Bay rum or bay water

160 per lb. + 2k% ad val.

400 per lb. + 6 0 % ad val.

Floral or flower waters

5% ad val.

20$^ ad val.

461.30 461.35

Perfumes, colognes, and toilet waters: Not containing alcohol Containing alcohol

1 5 % ad val. l6# per lb. H 15$^ ad val.

7 5 % ad val. 400 per lb. + 7 5 % ad val.

461.40 461.45

Cosmetics and other toilet preparations: Not containing alcohol Containing alcohol

155^ ad val. 160 per lb. + 155^ ad val.

7 5 % ad val. 4O0 per lb. + 7 5 % ad val.

155^ ad val. 20S^ ad val.

255^ ad val. 7 5 % ad val.