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SCHEDULE 4. - CHEMICALS AND RELATED PRODUCTS Part 10. - Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Products Derived Therefrom


Rates of Duty

PART 10. - PETROLEUM, NATURAL GAS, AND PRODUCTS DERIVED THEREFROM 1/ Part 10 headnot-es: 1. Any prodjct described in this part and also in part I of this schedule is classifiable In said part I, except fuel oils, motor fuel, and lubricating oils and greases, containing by weight not over 25 percent of any product described in said part I. This part does not cover — (i) paraffin and other petroleum waxes I see part I3B of this schedule), or (ill petroleum asphalts (see part IJ of schedule 5). 2.

For the purposes of this part — (a) "Reconstituted crude petroleum" (items 475.05 and 475.10) Is a product which is essentially the equivalent of crude petroleum and which is made by adding fuel oil, naphtha, or other petroleum fractions to crude or topped crude petroleum; and (b) "Motor fuel" (Item 475.25) is eny product derived primarily from petroleum, shale, cr natural gas, whether or not containing additives, which is chiefly used as a fuel In Interna I-combust ion pr other engines. 3. For the purposes of items 475.65 and 475.70 of this part — (a) a product Is considered to be In liquid form i f — (i) the penetration Is more than 350 units (35 millimeters) when tested by the procedure and equipment specified in American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Designation: 0-5 with the use of a 50-gram load for I second at 77°F., or when tested by a procedure which provides equivalent results, and (11) such product Is not in an essentially gaseous state at a temperature of 60°F. and at a pressure of 14.65 pounds per square Inch (absolute), regardless of the condition of the product at the time of Importation; and (b) In determining the relative weights of components of the mixtures provided for in Items 475.65 and 475.70, naphtha and other petroleum derIvatIves which may be present in such mixtures as solvents shall be disregarded.


0.125? per gal. 0.250 per gal.

0.50 per gal. 0.50 per gal.

Natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane, and mixtures thereof



1.250 per gal.


Crude petroleum (including reconstituted crude petroleum); topped crude petroleum; crude shale oil; and distillate and residual fuel oils (including blended fuel oils) derived from petroleum, shale, or both, with or without additives: Testing under 25 degrees A.P.I Testing 25 degrees A.P.I, or more

2.50 per gal.

0.250 per gal.

0.50 per gal.

0.250 per gal.

0.50 per gal.

0.50 per gal.

0.50 per gal.

Motor fuel Kerosene derived from petroleum, shale oil, or both (except motor fuel)

475.35 475.40

Naphthas derived from petroleum, shale oil, natural gas, or combinations thereof (except motor fuel) Mineral oil of medicinal grade derived from petroleum, shale oil, or both

\/ Crude petroleum and certain products thereof are eubject to import quotas proclaimed pursuant to section 2 of Public Law 464, 83d Congress, as amended (19 USC 1352a). Proc, 3279, as amended by Procs. 3290, 3328, 3386, 3389, 3509, 3531, and 3541.