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243 Rates of Duty


Articles 2


P A R T 3. -GLASS AND GLASS PRODUCTS Part 3 headnote: 1. For the purposes of the t a r i f f schedules. fused quartz and fused s i l i c a shall be regarded as glass.

Subpart A. - Glass in the Mass; Glass in B a l l s, Tubes, Rods, and Certain Other For m s; Foam Glass; Optical Glass; and Glass F i b e r s and Products Thereof Subpart A headnotes: 1.

This subpart does not cover — (i) articles (other than globules or b a l l s) described In subpart C of t h i s part; ( II) glass or synthetic optical c r y s t a l s In any form o p t i c a l l y worked (see part 2A of schedule 7); ( H i) glass eyes (see parts 2S and I3A of schedule 7); ( i v) toy marbles (see part 5E of schedule 7); (vl glass filaments, glass f i b e r s, and articles fnereof, s p e c i f i c a l l y Included as textile s in the provisions for "man-made f i b e r s ", and articles thereof (see headnote 2 of part' IE of schedule 3); or (vl) reinforced or laminated p l a s t i c s. or articles thereof (see part I2A of schedule 7).

2. For the purposes of the t a r i f f schedules. the term "not o p t i c a l l y worked" means that the glass or the synthetic optical crystals have-not been subjected to any grinding or polishing incident to surface shaping for producing optical properties.

540.11 540.13 54o.l4 540,15

Glass, i n the mass; glass, crushed, powdered, or flaked ( f r o s t i n g s); and waste or scrap glass; a l l the foregoing except glass provided for i n item 540.21 and 540.27: Glass i n the mass: Containing over 95 percent s i l i c a by weight..

155^ 21?^ k% 15%

ad ad ad ad

val. val. val. val.

30% 50% 10% 30%

ad ad ad ad

val. val, val. val.

Enamels, colors, glazes, and fluxes, a l l the foregoing of glass, f r i t, or calcine: 540.21 540.27

12,55^ ad val. 34% ad val.

30% ad val. 40% ad val.

35% ad v a l, 25% ad val.

60% ad v a l, 55% ad val.

Solid glass globules and b a l l s, spherical or approximately spherical i n shape, colored or not colored, for whatever use intended: 540.33 540.37

25-555 O - 64 - 17