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SCHEDULE 6. - METALS AND METAL PRODUCTS Part 2. - Metals, Their Alloys, and Their Basic Shapes and Forms


Rates of Duty Item




Unwrought tin: Free



1..0625# per lb. on lead content Free

2.125* per lb. on lead content Free




12% ad val. 2k% ad val.

k3% ad val. 3 0 % ad val.

12.5^ ad val. 0.10 per lb. + 12.5S^ ad val.

2 5 % ad val. 0.20 per lb. + 2 5 % ad val.

12S^ ad val.

k3% ad val.

1 2 % ad val.

't5% ad val.

1 2 % ad val.

'f5% ad val.

622.02 622. O^t

•Alloys of tin: Containing, by weight, over 5 percent of

Plates, sheets, and strips, all the foregoing which are wrought, of tin, whether or not cut, pressed, or stamped to nonrectangular shapes: 622.15 622.17 Tin wire: 622.20 622.22


Bars, rods, angles, shapes, and sections, all the fore-

622.35 622. kO

Pipes and tubes and blanks therefor, pipe and tube

Subpart G. - Lead Subpart G headnotes: 1. This subpart covers lead, its alloys, and their so-called basic shapes and forms, and also includes lead waste and scrap. 2. Allovs of lead: For the purposes of the tariff schedules, alloys of lead are metals in which the lead content is, by weight, less than 99.0 percent, but not less than any other metallic element. In the absence of context which requires otherwise, the term "lead". wherever used in the tariff schedules, includes alloys of lead. 3. For the purposes of this subpart, the following terms have the meanings indicated: (a) Plates, sheets, and strips: Products of solid rectangular cross section. In coils or cut to length, whether or not corrugated or crimped. Plates are 0.25 inch or more in thlcl<ness and over 12 Inches in width; sheets are under 0.25 inch but not under 0.006 inch In thickness and over 6 inches In width; strips are under 0.25 inch but not under 0.006 Inch in thickness and are not over 6 Inches in width. (b) Wire: A non-tubular product of any crosssectional configuration under 0.25 Inch in maximum cross-sectional dimension, in colls. (c) B^rs. rods, angles, shaoes. and sections: Products which do not conform completely to the respective definitions set forth in this headnote for plates, sheets, strips, or wire and do not Include any tubular products.