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SCHEDULE 6. - METALS AND METAL PRODUCTS Part 4. - Machinery and Mechanical Equipment

309 Rates of Duty



Part 4 headnotes! 1.

This part does not cover — (i) bobbins, spools, cops, tubes, and si'milar holders; (III belts and belting; (lit) machine clothing; (Iv) Jacquard cards; (vl articles of textile materials; articles of stone, of ceramic ware, of glass, or of other materials provided for In schedule 5; or articles of leather or of fur on the skin; or (vl) articles and parts of articles specifically provided for elsewhere in the schedules.

2. Unless -the context requires otherwise, and subject to headnote I to subpart A of this part, a multi-purpose machine Is classifiable according to its principal purpose, but if such a machine Is not described In a superior tariff heading as to Its principal purpose, or If It has no one principal purpose, it is classifiable In subpart H of this part as a machine not specially provided for. 3. An electric motor or other power unit Imported with a machine is classifiable with such machine as an entirety If fitted thereto when Imported, or. If the machine or its franework is designed to receive the power unit, or If the shipment Includes a conmon base designed to receive both the power unit and the machine.

Subpart A. - Boilers, Non-Electric Motors and Engines, and Other General Purpose Machinery Subpart A headnote: I. A machine or appliance which is described in this subpart and also Is described elsewhere In this part Is classifiable In this subpart.



Steam and other vapor generating boilers (except central heating hot water boilers capable also of producing low pressure steam), and parte thereof..

13.75^ ad val.

k5% ad val.

Economizers, superheaters, soot removers, gas recoverers, and auxiliary plants for use with steam and other vapor generating boilers; condensers for vapor engines and power units; all of the foregoing and parts thereof

lk% ad val.

k5% ad val.