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PART 2. - MEATS Part 2 headnot-e: I. This part covers only meats. Including meat offal, fit for human consumption. The meats of all animals. Including whales and other sea manmals but not fish and shellfish (see parts 3 and 15 of this schedule), are covered,and unless the context requires otherwise, reference to an animal Includes such animal regardless of size or age. 2. In assessing the duty on meats, no allowance shall be made for normal components thereof such as bones, fat, and hide or skin. The dutiable weight of meats In airtight containers subject to specific rates includes the entire contents of the containers.

Subpart A. - Bird Meat

105.50 105.55 105.60 105.70

Birds (dead), fresh^ chilled, or frozen, if whole, or if plucked, beheaded, eviscerated, or cut into pieces (including edible offal), but not otherwise prepared or preserved: Birds, whole, or which have been plucked only: Chickens, ducks, geese, and guineas Turkeys Other Birds which have been plucked, beheaded, and eviscerated (including birds with any edible offal retained in or returned to the abdominal cavity), whether or not the feet have been removed, but not cut into pieces: Chickens Turkeys: Valued under kO cents per pound Valued kO or more cents per pound Other Other

105.82 105. S t ^

Birds otherwise prepared or preserved: Goose-liver products OtherJ

105.10 105.20 105.30

105. ^tO

Subpart B. - Meats Other Than Bird Meat Subpart B headnote; I.

For the purposes of this subpart — (a) The term "fresh, chilled, or frozen" covers meats even though completely detendonlzed and deboned, but does not cover meats which have been prepared or preserved; and (b) the terra "prepared or preserved" covers meats even if Jn a fresh, chilled, or frozen state if such meats have been ground or comminuted, diced or cut Info sizes for stew meat or similar uses, rolled and skewered, or specially processed Into fancy cuts, special shapes, or otherwise made ready for particular uses by the retail consumer; and also covers meats which have been subjected to processes such as drying, curing, smoking, cooking, seasoning, flavoring, or to any combination of such processes.

25-555 O - 64 - 3

30 per lb. 8.50 per lb. 2.^0 per lb.

100 per lb, 100 per lb, 100 per lb.

50 per lb.

100 per lb.

50 per lb. 12.5!l^ ad val. 100 per lb. 100 per lb.

100 253$ 100 100

50 per lb. 100 per lb.

100 per lb. 100 per lb.

per lb. ad val. per lb. per lb.