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SCHEDULE 6. - METALS AND METAL PRODUCTS Part 4. - Machinery and Mechanical Equipment

317 Rates of Duty


Hand-directed or -controlled tools with pneumatic or self-contained non-electric motor, and parts thereof: Tools suitable for metal-working and parts thereof Other


Powder-actuated hand tools, and parts thereof


Gas-operated welding, brazing, cutting and surfacetempering appliances, and parts thereof: Hand-directed or -controlled appliances and parts thereof Other



15% ad val. 9% ad val.

3 0 % ad val. 27.5% ad val. 27.5% ad val.

19?5 ad val. 9k ad val.

k3% ad val. 27,5^ ad val.

Subpart G. - Office M a c h i n e s

Subpart G headnotes; 1.

This subpart doas not cover — (I) weighing machines (see subpart A of this part and subpart 0 of part 2 of schedule 7); til) bookbinding and print Ing machinery (see subpart 0 of this part); (III) mathematical calculating Instruments or revolution and other counters (see subparts C and 0 of part 2 of schedule 7); (Iv) hand tools not having a base for fixing or placing them on a table, desk, wall, floor, or similar place (see part 3E of this schedule),


For the purposes of this subpart — (a) the term "office machines" refers to machines which are used in offices, shops, factories, workshops, schools, depots, hotels, and elsewhere, for doing work concerning the writing, recording, sorting, filing, mailing of correspondence, records, accounts, forms, etc., or for doing other "office work"^ and which have a base for fixing or placing them on a table, desk, wall, floor, or similar place; and (b) a "calculating mechanism" Is one designed to perform one or more of the four arithmetical operations. I.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

676.05 676.07

Typewriters not incorporating a calculating mechanism: Non-automatic with hand-operated keyboard Other

Free 11.5!!^ ad val.

Free 355^ ad val.

676.10 676.12

Addressing, numbering, dating, and check-writing machines: Addressing machines Other

12.55^ ad val. 8.5% ad val.

255^ ad val. 2 5 ^ ad val.