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SCHEDULE 6. - METALS AND METAL PRODUCTS Part 5. - Electrical Machinery and Equipment

321 Rates of Duty

P A R T 5.


Part 5 htadnotes: I. This part does not cover — (i) electrical insulators or Insulating materials (classifiable In other schedules according to materials of which made); (II) certain carbons, electrodes, and brushes provided for In part IE of schedule 5; (III) ceramic electrical ware (part 20 of schedule 5); (tvl electric blankets and other electrically warmed bedding (see part SB of schedule 3); Iv) washing machines. Ironing machines, sewing machines, and other machines provided for In parts 4 or 6 of this schedule; or (vt) electrical Instruments, apparatus, and other electrical articles provided for In schedule 7.

S&Z.kO 682.50 682.55 682.60

Generators, motors, motor-generators, converters (rotary or static), transformers, rectifiers and rectifying apparatus, and inductors; all the foregoing which are electrical goods, and parts thereof: Transformers Motors: Of under l/to horsepower: Synchronous Other Of l ' O or more but not over 1/10 horse/t power Of over 1/10 but under 200 horsepower Of 200 or more horsepower Parts of motors of under l ' O horsepower /t Other

682.70 682.80 682.90

Magnets; chucks, clamps, vises and similar work holders, all the foregoing which are magnetic; electro-magnetic clutches and couplings; electromagnetic brakes; electro-magnetic lifting heads: Permanent magnets Work holders Other

18S6 ad val. 1556 ad val. 11.556 ad val.

't556 ad val. 3056 ad val. 3556 ad val.

Primary cells and primary batteries, and parts thereof

17.556 ad val.

3556 ad val.

Storage batteries and parts thereof: Lead-acid type storage batteries, and parts thereof Other

1756 ad val. 1656 ad val.

't056 ad val. 4056 ad val.

Hand-directed or - c o n t r o l l e d to o l s with s e l f - c o n t a i n e d e l e c t r i c motor, and part s thereof

11.7556 ad val.

682.10 682.20 682.25 682.30


683.10 683.15 683.20

See general headnote 3 (f) ( i i i).

12.556 ad val.

3556 ad val.

50% ad val. 12.5% ad val.

9056 ad val. 35?^ ad val.

12.556 ad val. 8.5i6 (9.556) ad val. 12.556 ad val. 5056 ad val. 1556 ad val.

35^ ad val. 35% ad val. 3556 ad v a l, 9056 ad val. 35^ ad val.