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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 7. - SPECIFIED PRODUCTS; MISCELLANEOUS AND NONENUMERATED PRODUCTS Part 1. - Footwear; Headwear and Hat Braids; Gloves, Luggage, Handbags, BUlfolds, and Other Flat Goods 333 Rates of IXity

Subpart B. - Headwear and Hat Braids Subpart B headnofes: I.

For the purposes of this subpart — (al the term "headwear" includes hats, caps, berets, bonnets, hoods, and all other head coverings, of whatever material composed (Including bodies, forms, plateaux, manchons, and shapes for headwear), designed for human wear, except Infants' knit headwear, but does not Include mufflers, scarves, shawls, mantiI las, veils, and similar articles; hair nets; hair ornaments; or wigs and similar articles; and (bf the term "caps" (Items 702.15 and 702.201 means headwear without a brim but with a shade or visor In front.

702.05 702.10

702,15 702,20





Headwear, of vegetable fibers, of unspun fibrous vegetable materials, of real horsehair, of paper yarn, or of any combination thereof: Of cotton, flax, or both: Knit Not knit , Other: Caps: Of paper yarn Of materials other than paper yarn Headwear other than caps: Sewed, whether or not blocked or trimmed: Of straw: Not blocked and not trimmed,,,, Blocked or trimmed: Valued not over 815 per dozen Valued over $15 per dozen Of materials other than straw

702,37 702,^*0

Not sewed, not blocked, and not trimmed: Of palm leaf and valued not over S3 per dozen Other: Not bleached and not colored,., Bleached or colored,,.,,

702,^*5 702, i 7 f

Not sewed, but blocked or trimmed: Valued not over $3 per dozen Other


Headwear, of wool: Knit: Valued not over $2 per pound 702,56

Valued over S2 per pound

25% ad v a l, 205^ ad val.

45% ad v a l, 37-5% ad val.

17.556 ad v a l, 10S6 ad val.

3555 ad v a l, 25% ad val.

$1.70 per doz. 1756 ad val.

83 per doz. ^ 50% ad val.

81.88 per doz. + l65li ad v a l,

83 per doz. ^ 50% ad v a l,

$1,60 per doz. + 12% ad val. 81.20 per doz, + 20% ad val.

$3 per doz, H 50% ad v a l, 83 per doz. ^ 50% ad val.

6,25% ad v a l,

25% ad v a l,

10% ad v a l, 12^ per doz, + 10% ad v a l,

25% ad v a l, 250 per doz, + 25% ad v a l,

25% ad v a l, $2,0^* per doz, 10,5% ad val.

25% ad v a l, 83.50 per doz. 50% ad val.

33* per l b, + 18% ad v a l, 37,50 per l b. 25% ad val.

kkt per 45% ad 500 per 50% ad

lb. + val. lb. + val.