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SCHEDULE 7. - SPECIFIED PRODUCTS; MISCELLANEOUS AND NONENUMERATED PRODUCTS Part 2. - Optical Goods; Scientific and Professional Instruments; Watches, Clocks, and Timing Devices; Photographic Goods; Motion Pictures; Recordings and Recording Media Rates of Duty

72't.05 72.h.\0 V2'f.l2

Motion-picture film in any form on which pictures, or sound and pictures, have been recorded, whether or not developed: Newsreels, not developed, of current events abroad Other.

Free 0.960 per lin. ft.

Free 30 per lin. ft.

Magnetic video tape on which pictures or pictures and sound have been recorded

0.80 per lin. ft.

1.00 per lin. ft.

10 per lin. ft.


News sound recordings relating to current events abroad


Sound recordings (except those provided for in item 724.05) produced on photographic or magnetic film, tape, or wire, and suitable for use in connection with motion-picture exhibits

10 per lin. ft.

Phonograph records (except those provided for in item 724.15)

10% ad val.

Sound recordings on discs of soft wax (master records), or metal matrices obtained therefrom, for use in the manufacture of sound records for export


724.25 724.30

724.35 724.40

724.45 724.50

Sound recordings, and magnetic recordings, not provided for in the foregoing provisions of this subpart: Recorded on wire. Recorded on magnetic tape or on any medium other than wire Magnetic recording media not having any material recorded thereon Scrap and waste photographic film fit only for the recovery of its constituent materials

0.80 per lin. ft.

10 per lin. ft.

0,250 per sq. in. of recording surface

10 per sq. in. of recording surface

12% ad val.