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SPECIFIED PRODUCTS; MISCELLANEOUS AND NONE NUMERATED PRODUCTS Part 3. - Musical Instruments, Part s, and Accessories Rates of Duty

725.3^* 725.36 725.38 725.^*0

Percussion musical instruments: Cymbals Drums Sets of tuned bells known as chimes, peals, or carillons: Containing not over 22 bells.. Containing ever 22 but not over ih bells.. Containing over 3^ bells Other


Electronic musical instruments

1 7 * ad val.

kC^ ad val.

725.50 725.52

Other musical instruments: Music boxes Other

1 6 ^ ad val. 175^ ad val.

hO% ad val. kO% ad val.

175^ ad val.

5 0 % ad val.

lk% ad val.


125^ ad val.

155^ ad val.

2 0 % ad val.

k(y)i ad val.

Mutes for musical instruments; pedals, dampers, and spurs for drums; pedals and holders for cymbals; lyres and other music holders for attachment to musical instruments; and collapsible stands for holding music or for holding musical instruments

195^ ad val.

k5% ad val.

726. to

Strings for musical instruments

lk% ad val.

ifO^^ ad val.


Tuning pins

3kt per 1000 pins 12?^ ad val.

$1 per 1000 pins + 3 5 % ad val.

726.50 726.52

Parts of violins, violas, violoncellos, and double basses (except strings but including chin rests and shoulder rests): Bows, parts of bows, and chin rests Other

lk% ad val. 1656 ad val.

hO% ad val. kO% ad val.

Parts of stringed musical instruments provided for in item 725.06 (except strings and tuning pins)

3k% ad val.

726.60 726.62

Parts of pipe organs: Player actions, and parts thereof Other

12% ad val. 105^ ad val.

6Q% ad val. 3 5 % ad val.


Parts of accordions and concertinas

lk% ad val.

kO% ad val,


Parts of brass wind instruments

20% ad val.

hO% ad val.


Parts of wood-wind instruments

1 5 % ad val.

kO% ad val.

725.30 725.32

105t ad val. 175^ ad val.

kO% ad val. 405^ ad val.

10?^ ad val. lk% ad val. 6.5% ad val. 17S^ ad val.

kO% 20^ 20k kQ%

ad ad ad ad

val. val. val. val.

Subpart B. Musical Instrument Parts and Accessories Subpart B headnote; I. This subpart does not cover electrical pickup or amplifying devices or other articles which are provided for in part 5 of schedule 6 or part 2 of schedule 7.


Cases for musical instruments


Metronomes, pitch pipes, tuning forks, and tuning ad val.

hammers, all the foregoing for whatever use Intended. 726.15 Bow rosin 726.20 Bow hair 726.25