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SCHEDULE 7. Part 4.

SPECIFIED PRODUCTS; MISCELLANEOUS AND NONENUMERATED PRODUCTS Furniture; Pillows, Cushions, and Mattresses; Nontextile Floor Coverings Rates of Duty


727. O^t

727.10 727.15 727.30 727.35 727.'to 727.'t5 727.'+7 727.^*8 727.52 727.55 727.80

Furniture designed for hospital, medical, surgical, veterinary, or dental use; dentists', barbers' and similar chairs with mechanical elevating, rotating, or reclining movements; and parts of the foregoing: Dentists', barbers' and similar chairs with mechanical elevating, rotating, or reclining movements, and parts thereof Other Furniture, and parts thereof, not specially provided for: Of unspun fibrous vegetable materials Of wood: Bent-wood furniture, and parts thereof Other: Chairs Furniture other than chairs Parts of furniture Of textile materials, except cotton Of rubber or plastics: Of reinforced or laminated plastics Other Of copper Other Pillows, cushions, mattresses, and similar furnishings, all the foregoing, whether or not fitted with covers and with or without electrical heating elements, fitted with springs, stuffed, or both, or of expanded, foamed, or sponge rubber or plastics

Subpart B. - Nontextile Floor Coverings Subpart B headnotes: 1. This subpart covers certain hard-surfaced floor coverings and floor coverings not specially provided for, but does not cover — (i) floor coverings of unspun fibrous vegetable materials (sec part 2B of schedule 2); lii) floor coverings of textile materials (see part 5A of schedule 31; or liiil floor coverings of fur or leather (see part 13B of schedule 71. 2.

For the purposes of this subpart — (al the term "IInoleum" embraces a covering consisting of oxidized linseed oil or other drying oiIs with added fiIlers such as wood flour, cork, resins, and color pigments, whether or not applied to a base of burlap, felt, or other material, and whether or not cut or made Into sizes for rugs, carpets, mats, tiles, table or counter tops, or other articles; (bl the term "Inlaid" (Item 728.05), as used with regard to linoleum, refers to linoleum having 8 design or pattern which extends vertically from the wearing surface through to the other surface or to the base, if one is present;

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