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SCHEDULE 7. - SPECIFIED PRODUCTS; MISCELLANEOUS AND NONENUMERATED PRODUCTS Part 5. - Arms and Ammunition; Fishing Tackle; Wheel Gocxis; Sporting Goods, Games and Toys 367 Rates of Duty

PART 5. - ARMS AND AMMUNITION; FISHING TACKLE; WHEEL GOODS; SPORTING GOODS, GAMES AND TOYS Subpart A. - Arms and Ammunition Subpart A headnotes: 1, This subpart covers side arms, firearms, and other arms, whether designed for military, police, sporting, or other use; certain pistols, guns, and other devices which are not arms but which expend, or operate by means of, an explosive charge; bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, guided weapons and missiles, and similar munitions of war, and ammunition; and parts of the foregoing. This subpart does not cover — (i) archery bows and arrows, and fencing foils (see subpart 0 of this part); (ill tools operated by means of an explosive charge, cutlery, hand tools, and similar implements (see parts 3E and 4F of schedule 61; (iil) transportation equipment even if armed or otherwise designed for military use (see part 6 of schedule 6); o. (Iv) flares and other chemical signals (see part 9A of this schedule). 2. For the purposes of this subpart, the term "firearms" covers every weapon or other device designed to project a missile by the firing of an explosive-charge (including captive-bolt pistols, harpoon guns, and similar devices even though the projectiles are not completely released), and also includes any such device in the form of an object such as a walking stick, cane, pencil, pocket knife, or cigarette case; but the term does not include line-throwing guns. Very light pistols or other devices designed to project signal flares, pistols or other devices designed to fire only blank cartridges or blank ammunition, or any other device similar to the foregoing which expends or operates by means of an explosive charge.



Swords, bayonets, and other side arms (except firearms), parts thereof, and scabbards and sheaths thereforMuskets, shotguns, rifles, pistols, and revolvers, all the foregoing which are firearms designed to fire shot, pellets, or bullets, but which-are not designed to fire and are not capable of firing a fixed cartridge; and parts of the foregoing

175^ ad val.

50$^ ad val.