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S C H E D U L E 8. - SPECIAL CLASSIFICATION PROVISIONS Part 1. - Articles Exported and Returned

409 Rates of Duty

Subpart C.

Substantial Containers or Holders

Subpart C headnotes; I. This subpart covers only substantial containers and holders which are of the usual or ordinary types used In the shipment or transportation of goods and which are reusable for such purposes and subject to treatTient as imported articles (see general headnote 6(a) and (b)(iil).

2. This subpart does not apply to any container or h o l d e r — (a) exported with benefit of drawback and returned empty; or (b) manufactured or produced in the United States in a customs bonded warehouse or under item 864.05 of this schedule and exported under any provision of law. 5. In order to facilitate the prompt clearance at ports of entry of substantial containers and holders provided for in this subpart, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized — (a) to permit the admission thereof without entry if readily identifiable as meeting the conditions of free entry set forth in this subpart; and (bl to permit any duties thereon to be paid cumulatively from time to time either before or after their importation when conditions exist which permit adequate customs controls to be maintained.


Substantial containers and holders, if products of the United States (including shocks and staves of United States production when returned as boxes or barrels containing merchandise), or if of foreign production and previously imported and duty (if any) thereon paid, or if of a class specified by the Secretary of the Treasury as instruments of international traffic.