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SCHEDULE 8. - SPECIAL CLASSIFICATION PROVISIONS Part 5. - Samples; Articles Admitted Free of Duty Under Bond Rates of Duty

2. Prior to the release of articles under Item 362.10 or 862.20, bond shall be given for the payment of lawful duties which may accrue should any of the articles be sold, transferred, or used contrary to the provisions of this subpart within 5 years after the date of entry hereunder, and such articles shall be subject at any time within such 5-year period to examination and Inspection by customs officers. Surety on such bonds may be waived in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury.



Articles imported for exhibition by any institution or society established for the encouragement of agriculture, arts, education, or science, or for such exhibition by any State or for a municipal corporation

Articles imported by any institution, society, or State, or for a municipal corporation, for the purpose of erecting a public monument

Subpart C. - Articles Admitted Temporarily Free of Duty Under Bond Subpart C headnotes: 1. The articles described In the provisions of this subpart, when not Imported for sale or for sale on approval, may be admitted into the United States without the payment of duty, under bond for their exportation within I year from the date of Importation, which period. In the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, may be extended, upon application, for one or more further periods which, when added to the Initial I year, shall not exceed a total of 3 years, except that articles Imported under Item 864.75 shall be admitted under bond for their exportation within 6 months from the date of Importation and such 6-months period shall not be extended. 2. Merchandise may be admitted Into the United States under item 364.05 only on condition that — (a) such merchandise will not be processed Into an article manufactured or produced In the United States if such article is — (11 alcohol, distilled spirits, wine, beer, or-any dilution or mixture of any or all of the foregoing; til) a perfume or other commodity containing ethyl alcohol (whether or not such alcohol is denatured), or (111) a product of wheat; and (b) If any processing of such merchandise results In an article (other than an article described In (a) of this headnote) manufactured or produced in the United States —

Free, under bond, as prescribed in headnote 2

Free, under, bond, as prescribed in headnote

Free, under bond, as prescribed in headnote 2

Free, under bond, as prescribed in headnote