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APPENDIX TO THE TARIFF SCHEDULES Part 1. - Temporary Legislation Rates of Duty Effective Period


Copying lathes used for making rough or finished shoe lasts from models of shoe lasts and, in addition, capable of producing more than one size shoe last from a single size model of a shoe last (provided for in item By'f.'tS, part kF, schedule 6)

On or before


The personal and household effects (with such limitation on the importation of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe) of any person in the service of the United States who returns to the United States upon the termination of assignment to extended duty (as defined in regulations issued in connection with this provision) at a post or station outside the customs territory of the United States, or of returning members of his family who have resided with him at such post or station, or of any person evacuated to the United States under Government orders or instructions (see part 2B of schedule 8)

On or before


In lieu of the exemptions provided for in items 813.31 and 813.32 of part 2A of schedule 8, the following articles imported by or for the account of any person arriving in the United States who is a returning resident thereof: Articles not over 8100 in aggregate value (or S200 in the case of persons arriving before April 1, 1964, directly or indirectly from the Virgin Islands of the United States, not more than 8100 of which shall have been acquired elsewhere than in the Virgin Islands of the United States), including not more than 1 wine gallon of alcoholic beverages and not more than 100 cigars, acquired abroad as an incident of the journey from which he is returning, for his personal or household use, but not imported for the account of any other person nor intended for sale, if declared in accordance with regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, and if such person arrives from the Virgin Islands of the United States or from a contiguous country which maintains a free zone or free port, or arrives from any other country after having remained beyond the territorial limits of the United States for a period of not less than k8 hours, and in either case has not claimed an exemption hereunder within the 30 days immediately preceding his arrival ' •



Free (see headnote 2 of this subpart)

Free (see head note 2 of this subpart) For returning residents arriving before July 1, 1965