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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 1. - ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS Part 5. - Hides, Skins, and Leather; Furskins 32 Rates of Duty Articles




Subpart B. - Furskins

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Subpart B hesdnotes: 1. This subpart covers all furskins, txcapt carrotcd furskins, but does not cover fur or hair which has been removed from the skin. ICarroted furskins and fur or hair removed from the skin are covered In subpart 0 of part 15 of schedule II.

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As used In this subpart — (a) the terms "furskins" or "skins" Include the whole skins, or cuttings, heads, paws, tails. or other parts of whole skins, whether or not assembled Into plates, mats, linings, strips. crosses, or similar forms, but do not cover such skins or parts of skins assembled in the rough form of garments, of parts or accessories of garments, or of other article* isee part I5B of schedule 7); (b) the term "raw or not dressed" refers to raw,.unprocessed skins, or to processed skins which have not been subjected to any processing which preserves them indefinitely In a pliant state; and (cl'the term "dressed" refers to skins which have been subjected to any processing which preserves them Indefinitely in a pliant state, whether or not dyed or otherwise processed and whether or not in condition ready for manufacture Into garments or other articles. 3. If the wool or hair on any skins which have been released from customs custody under Item 123,00 is removed from such skins otherwise than as an unsouqht residue resulting from the processing of the skins for use as furs, the entire Importation shall be subject to duty at the appropriate rate for such wool or hair on the skin under subpart C of part 1 of schedule 3, and for the purposes of this headnote, the clean content of such wool or hair shall be deemed to be lOOS.


4. The entry, or withdrawal from warehouse, for consumption of ermine, fox, kolinsky, marten, mink. muskrat, and weasel furskins, raw or not dressed, or dressed, which are the product of the Union of S.oviet Socialist Republics or of Communist China, is prohibited.


Skins bearing wool or hair of a kind described in subpart C of part 1 of schedule 3i raw or not dressed, if suitable for use as furs without the removal of the wool or hair from the skins (except removal resulting in an unsought residue of wool or hair incidental to processing of the skins for use Free

Free 123.50

Furskins of the silver, black, or platinum fox (including those of any fox which is a mutation, or type developed, from silver, black, or platinum 37.5%


ad val.

5 0 % ad val.