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References to T a r i f f Schedules

References to Tariff Schedules

BAUXITE 601.06 calcined 521.17 BAY HUM OR BAY WATER I16I.I5 BAYONETS 730.0$ BEACH ROBES Sch 3 Pt 6 F BEACONS, f l o a t i n g 696.6O BEADS (see a l s o BALLS, g l a s s) — articles, nspf 7Ul.50 Christmas ornaments, g l a s s 5I4S.8I not strung and not s e t 7Ul.20-30 BEAMING MACHINES, textile 670.12 BEAMS, OF IRON OR STEEL 652.93-96 BEAN CAKE, BEAN STICK, AND MISO 182.15 BEANS (see a l s o VECffiTABLES) — castor 175.06 cocoa 156.10 coffee 160.10 soy175. U8-li9 tonka 193.10 vanilla 193.15 BEARINGS, b a l l and r o l l e r - . 680.35 parts 680.35 balls and rollers 68O.3O BEDDING Sch 3 Pt 5 B Kdnte 1-363.01-90 BED PLATES, for pulp or paper machines 668.OU BEDSPREADS Sch 3 Pt.5B Hdnte. 3L(a) BEDSPRING COVERS AMD PADS, textile Sch 3 Pt 5 B Hdnte 1(a) BEEF (see MEATS) BEER 167.05 ginger—• I66.20 BEER MAT BOARD (see also PAPER AND PAPERBOARD)— 251.35 BEESWAX li9l+'.;02-0li BEET(S) — other than sugar beets (see VEGETABLES) pulp, dried 181;. 20 sugar beets 155.10; 155.15 BELLADONNA U35.35 BELLS— electric 685.70 non-electric 652.55-60 musical instruments or parts 725.3'*-3° BELT CONVEYORS 661+. 10 BELTING, for machinery— leather 791.30 of textile materials or of such materials and rubber or plastics 358.05-10; 773.35 BELTS— abrasive 519.51 apparel, of leather 791.60-61 sanitary, of rubber or plastics 772.1*2 surgical 709.57 of textile materials, or of such materials .-and rubber or plastics garter belts 376.0li-20 for machinery 358.05-10; 773.35 BENCHES, comparator and measuring 710.88 BENTONITE 521.61 BENT-WOOD FURNITURE 727.15 BENZ ALDEHYDE— s u i t a b l e for medicinal use U07.0li other U03.6O BENZENE liOl.lO

BENZOATE(S) — benzyl sodium BENZOFURAM BENZOIC ACID— s u i t a b l e for medicinal use other BENZYL— acetate • benzoate imidazoline hydrochloride BERETS BERGAMOT OIL BERRY(IES) — f r e s h, p r e p a r e d, or preserved Persian BERYLLIUM (see a l s o METALS) — compounds— s a l t s of organic a c i d s other metal ore BETA-NAPHTHOL— s u i t a b l e for medicinal use other BEVERAGE (S) — alcoholic non-alcoholic preparations, alcoholic BIAS BINDING

l^oB. 10 Ii05.1i5 1|01.12 li07.06 U03.6O li08.05 1;08.10 1+07.55 Sch 7 Pt IB Hdnte 1(a) 1+52.06 11+6.50-72 1+70.10-15 1+27.28 1+17.90-92 628.05-10 601.09 1+07.08 1+03.60 167.05-168.90 166.10-1+0 168.55 Sch 3 Pt 1 A Hdnte 2 + 31+7.33-75 252.59-63; 251+.1+0-1+1+ 270.30 252,13-17

.BIBLE AND INDIA PAPER BIBLES BIBULOUS PAPER BICARBONATE (S) — ammonium 1+17.21+ potassium 1^20.00 sodium li20.72 other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent) 1+17.18-1+23.00 BICYCLE(S) 732.02-26 bells 652.55 under bond, for r a c e s and c o n t e s t s 861+.35 BILL CASES, BILLFOLDS, BILL PURSES, BILL ROLLS Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2 (c); Sch 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2(b) BILLETS — i r o n or s t e e l 608.15-18 metal, unwrought Sch 6 Pt 2 Hdnte 3(a) BILLIARD— chalk 760.65 equipment 73lj. 05.rl0 BINDER TWINE— Sch 3 Pt 2 Hdnte. 1 (e); 315.20 BINOCULAR(S) ' 708.51-53 cases Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2(a) ( i i) BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS 1+37.76 BIRD(S) (see also ANIMALS) 100.07-31 meat 105.10-81+ BISCUITS 182.20 BISMUTH ( a l s o METALS) — compounds— s a l t s of organic a c i d s 1+27.28 other 1+18.00 metal 632.10; 632.61+-66 mixtures i n chief value of 1+23.80