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References to Tariff Schedules

BONE(S) —Continued. China 533 -Ul crude, steamed, or ground U55.08 cuttlefish 190.35 grafts, human i*37.76 skeletons 190.80 BONITO (see KISH) BONKETS Sch 7 Ft IB Hdnte 1(a) BOOKBIMDING MACHINERI 668.10 BOOKS— blank 256.56-58 cigarette 256.10 imported by persons arriving in the United States 610.10-20; 811.10 for institutions 850.10; 851.10 needle , 651.01-03 pictorial or textual Sch 2 Ft 5 toy 737.52 in raised print, for the blind 826.10 for U.S. Government 830.00 BOOK-SEWING MACHINES 668.10 BOOT PLATES, cast malleable iron 652.06 BOOTS Sch 7 Pt lA Hdnte 1 BORATE(S) — calcium, crude lil8.12 manganese lil9.UO sodium (borax) 1;20.76-78 other (classifiable according to cation constituent) lil7.18-1*23.00 BORAX li20.76 BORIC ACID U16.10 BORING MACHINERr, for earth, minerals, or ores 66U.05 BORON (see also METALS) — compounds— carbide li22.90 salts of organic acids U29.90 other (see also BORATES) (classifiable according to cation constituent) Ul7.l8-li23.00 metal 632.12; 632.68 BORT (diamond), crushing 520.27 BOTANICAL SPECIMENS, for exhibition in scientific public collections 852.10 BOTTLES— glass 51i5.11-27 hot water, of rubber o r p l a s t i c s 772.1*2 vacuum 790.59-63 BOUGIES 709.09 BOUQUETS— artificial 71*8.20-21 dried, bleached, colored, etc 71*8.35 fresh Sch 7 Pt 7B of natural flowers or plants 192.20 BOUTONNIEHES— of natural flowers or plants— dried, bleached^ colored, etc 71*8.35 fresh 192.20 artificial 71*8.20-21 BOWLS (see also TABLEWARE) — tobacco pipe 756.20-35 BOW(S) — hair 726.20 rosin 726,15 for violins, etc 726.50

References to Tariff Schedules BOXES— of base metal 61*0.20-30 candy, ceramic 533.31; 533.71 gear 680.1*5-1*8 junction, electrical 685-90 of leather, nspf 791.65 molding, for metal foundry 680.05 of paper, paperboard, or papier-mache 256.1*8-51* powder, cosmetic Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2(c) Sch 7 Pt 6 A Hdnte 2(b)j 71*0.05-10 of wood 201*.25-50 BOXING GLOVES 735-05 BOYS' (see MEN'S AND BOYS'). BRACELETS, including watch and identification bracelets Sch 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2(a); 71*0.05-37 BRADS 61*6.25-36 BRAIDED— floor coverings 361.05 lacings 385 • 75 BRAIDING MACHINES 670.25 BRAIDS Sch 3 Hdnte 2(f) elastic 3U9.10-30 non-elastic— not suitable for making or ornamenting headwear 3i*8.00-05 suitable for making or ornamenting headwear 703.80-95 BRAILLE TABLETS 826.20 BRAKES, electro-magnetic 682.90 BRAN, SHORTS, AND MIDDLINGS, obtained in milling grain 181*.10 BRANDY 168.20-22 BRASS Sch 6 Pt 2 Hdnte 2(a) BRASSIERES 376.2l*-28 BRASS-WIND INSTRUMENTS Sch 7 Ft 3A Hdnte 2(a); 725.20-22 BRAZIL— nuts (see also NUTS) ll*5-ll*; 11*5.1*2 wood 1*70.10-15 BRAZILIAN PEBBLE, crude 521.21 BRAZING— appliances, gas-operated 67I*.80-90 machines and apparatus, electrical 683.90-95 wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes, etc., of base metal or metal carbides, coated or cored with flux 653.10-15 BREAD 182.25 BREATHING APPLIANCES AND DEVICES— underwater, not requiring attendants 735-iS other, including gas masks and similar respirators '• 709.1*5 BRECCIA, and articles of 5ll*.51-81 BREWERS' YEAST 1*37.1*7-1*8 BRICKS— ceramic— chrome, magnesite, and other refractory and heat-insulating bricks 531.21-27 construction 532.11-11* glass, pressed or molded, used for building • 51*0.1*7 toy, building 737.55