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458 References to Tariff Schedules

References to Tariff Schedules CALCIUM (see also METALS)—Continued compounds—Con. salts of organic acids sulfate other metal-^

li26.10-18 I472.30 Ul8.10-32 632.16; 632.68


676.15-2? 7IO.6O-6I 27lt.10-20 715.05 67li.li2j 678.30 67li.20 661.14O-55


710.65 U19.52

CALORIMETERS CAMEOS s u i t a b l e for use i n jewelry CAMERA(S)-* cases photographic

711.86-88 71(1.15 Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2(a) (ii) 772.02-50

television CAMPHOR oil CAMPING EQUIPMENT, under bond, by nonresidents CANAIGRE, dyeing and tanning p r e p a r a t i o n CANARY SEED CANANGA OIL (Ylang ylang) CANDELILLA W X A CANDLES CANDLESTICKS, g l a s s CANDY

685.10 1*93.20-22 li52.08 861i.50 lj70.20-25 130.20 li52.70 it9li.l0 755.25 51+6.11-57 157.10-11

boxes, ceramic 533-31; 533.71 boxes, glass 51(6.11-57 CANS— of base metal, used in packing, transporting, or marketing of goods 61jO.20-30 film reel 722.80 CANE, rattan Sch 2 Ft 2B Hdnte 2(a) CANES 751.10-11

CANOES CANTALOUPES (see a l s o FEUITS) — fresh prepared or preserved CAPACITOR(S) — electrical foil, etched (aluminum) CAPERS CAPS— blasting bottle, of base metal closures, of rubber or plastics headwear lens percussion CAPSULING MACHINERY CAPTIVE-BOLT PISTOLS

696.30 Hi8.10-16 11(8.35-36 685.80 61(1(.06 161.07 755.1(0-1+5 652.65 772.85 Sch 7 Pt IB Hdnte 1 772.60 730.91 662.10-20 730.80-81

CARAWAY— oil spice CARBAZOLE, having a purity by weight o f — less than 65^ 65^ or more CARBIDE (S) — boron calcium chromium silicon, crude tool tips, and forms for making tool tips, of sintered metal carbides tungsten vanadium other (classifiable according to cation constituent) CARBOLIC ACID CARBONATE OF MAGNESIA (Magnesium carbonate), articles nspf CARBONATE(S) —

U52.10 161.09 UOl.lli li03.0li 1(22.90 1+18.ll( 1+22.92 519-21 61+9.53 1+22.1+0 1+22.58 1+17.18-1+23.00 1+03.1+0 523.51

ammonium 1+17.21+ barium i+72.02-06 beryllium 1+17 -90 calcium 1+72.20-21+ f e r t i l i z e r s and f e r t i l i z e r m a t e r i a l s 1+80.05; I+8O.8O guanidine 1+25.1+0 lead 1+73.60 magnesium (magnesia) 1+19.20-22 potassium 1+20.01+ sodium l+20.8it-86 strontium 1+21.70-72 other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent) 1+17.18-1+23.00 CARBONIZING PAPER 252.25-27 CARBON (AND GRAPHITE), and articles of 517.11-91 •CARBON(S) 1+15.15 activated 1+93.26 articles, nspf 517-91 d e c o l o r i z i n g and gas or vapor absorbing 1+93.26 paper 251+.15-18 pigments (bone, carbon, and lamp b l a c k s) — 1+73.02-06 for producing e l e c t r i c a r c l i g h t 517.71-71+ tetrachloride 1+29.22 CARD CASES Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2(c) CARD CLOTHING 670.52-51+ CARDS— jacquard 670.56 playing 731+.25 post • 273.85-95 s o c i a l and g i f t 27l+.00-05 CARGO NETS, of wire cordage 61+2.20 CARILLONS 725.3I+-38 CARNAUBA WAX 1+91+.12 CARPETS AND CARPETING ( s e e FLOOR COVERINGS) CARRAGEEN 192.05 CAHRAGEENIN 192.07