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COKE— coal, not suitable for f u e l — coal, suitable for fuel COLLAGES (see also WORKS OF A R T) COLLAR(S)— dog pins and clips shirt COLLIDINES

References to Tariff Schedules

References to Tariff Schedules

CONTROL PANELS, e l e c t r i c a l 517.51 521.31 765.25 790.10 7Uo.05-37 Sch 3 Pt 6 F Ii01.20 U6I,30-35 Sch 3 Hdnte 2(b)

CONVERTERS— electrical, rotary or static metallurgical torque

CONVEYORS ( i n c l u d i n g b e l t conveyors) COOKERS AND COOKING APPARATUS, of base metal— n o n - e l e c t r i c, household, r e s t a u r a n t, or

685.90 682.60

671;.10 680.52 66U.10

office types 653.U5-50 COOLING MACHINERY, plant, and laboratory equipment 661,65-70 COOPERS' PRODUCTS (see also CONTAINERS) 20li. 10-20 U06.02-80 COPPER (see also METALS) — UO6.6O compounds— li06.80 salts of organic acids 1;26,28-31; li06.70 other^__,, I4I8.69-78 5U0,21-27 ore 601.66; 602.25-31 pigments I473.21; 628.15-20 COPPERAS la8.92 601.21 COPRA 175.09-12 652.93-96 COPYING PAPER 252.1;0-1;2 CORAL— hair 750,05-155 750,75 crude 190.30 jewelry Sch 7 Ft 6k Hdnte 2; 7140,05-10 cut but not set, suitable for use in jewelry 7Ul,l5 COMFORTERS S c h 3 F t 5 B Hdnte 1 (a) C O R D A G E — COMMINGLING of articles s u b j e c t to d i f f e r e n t elastic 3l;9.10 r a t e s of d u t y ( s e e a l s o MIXTURES) Gen Hdnte 7 machines 670.90 r a g s and y a m Sch 3 Ft 7C Hdnte 2 of textile m a t e r i a l s — S c h 3 Ft 2 Hdnte l(a)j 315.05-316.70 wool and h a i r Sch 3 Ft IC Hdnte 3; 307.liO scrap 390,10-12 COMFAEATORS AND COMFARATOR BENCHES 710.88 of wire, with or without fittings 6U2.06-20 COMFASSES 7 1 0. 1 2 - 1 6 CORDIALS . 168.25 COMPOUNDS ( s e e CHEMICAL COMFOUNDS) CORDS (see also CORDAGE) — COMPRESSED-AIR Sch 6 P t J E of asbestos 5l8,21 h e a t i n g and cooking apparatus 653.1i5-50 cords and tassels, of textile materials 385,70 torches 6U9.31 CORDUROYS (fabrics), cotton 3l;6.05-10 COMPRESSORS, a i r or gas 661,12 CORIANDER (spice) 161.25 CONCERTINAS 725.16 CORK(S) — CONCRETE— crown, of base metal 652.65 articles 511.31-71 natural or composition, and articles of 220.05-50 mixers, mobile 692.15 C O R M S — mixes, wet or dry 511.21-25 crocus 125.20 CONCRETES, f l o r a l ll60.05 other 125.30 CONDENSER PAPER 252.UO-U2 CORNETS-: Sch 7 Pt 3A Hdnte 2 (a); 725.20-22 COJDENSERS, for vapor engines and power u n i t s — 660.15 CORN KNIVES — CONDENSING MACHINERI, p l a n t and laboratory agricultural 61;8,69 equipment 661.65-70 pedicure 61;9.91 CONDUCTORS, e l e c t r i c a l 688,05-25 CORNMINT OIL, including "peppermint" oil derived CONFECTIONERX, nspf 157.10-11 from mentha arvensis 1;52,22 CONFETTI 737.70 CORN OIL, crude or refined (see also OILS, FATS, CONSTRUCTION ARTICLES, ceramic 532.11-61 AND GREASES) 176,03 CONTACT PRINTERS, photographic 722.86 CORN-ON-THE-COB 135.75 CONTAINERS and h o l d e r s (see a l s o BOXES and CORN OR MAIZE 130,30-36 CASES) Gen Hdnte 6 milled 131.20-21; I3I.6O-6I of base metal 61i0.05-UO CORN SUGAR 155.60 of g l a s s 5U5.11-27 CORN SIRUP 155.65 immediate, of tea, dutiable Sch 1 Pt llA Hdnte 2 CORNWALL STONE 522.35; 522.1;5 of paper, paperboard, or papier-mache—256.1t2-5Uj 256.65-67 CORPSES, with coffins and flowers, not subject to reuseable, imported under bond 861;. 1 5

provisions of tariff schedules Gen Hdnte 5(a) of rubber or plastics 772.20 CORROSIVE SUBLIMATE lJ-9.50 substantial, exported and returned 808.00 of textile materials 385,l;5-55 of unspun fibrous vegetable materials 222.U0-U; vacuum 790.59-63; 51;5.31-37 of wood 20U,05-50

COLOGNES COLORED, textile s ( definition) COLOR(S)— benzenoid acids and bases fast bases and salts lakes and toners glass, frit, or calcine COLUMBIUM (see also METALS)— metal ore COLUMNS, of base metal COMBS—