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References to Tariff Schedules

FABRICS--Continued of textile materials--Continued tracing cloth 356-15 tucking 357-60 tufted 3't6.70-95 veiling 350.00 window hollands 356.20 woven— artists' canvas 355-50-60 billiard cloth 357-20 holting cloth357-25-35 coated or filled, or laminated with rubber or plastics 355-65-85 coated or filled, nspf 356-05-U5 for covering cotton bales 356.50 handwoven, for religious institutions 850.50 nspf 320.01-336.15; 336.30-339-00 for padding or interlinings in apparel 356.80 samples, of wool 385-20 serges, for religious orders 336.20-25 for stenciling, in screen printing3'?1-^O-k^ tapestry and upholstery 357-05-15 toweling 356-70 of tinsel wire, lame, bullions, or raetalized yams, suitable for making Insignia or ornamentation for uniforms of U.S. armed forces 7^.10 of wire 6te.25-87 FANCY OH FIGURED (defined) Sch 3 Pt 3A Hdnte 3; Sch 3 Pt 6 A Hdnte l(b) FANS 661.10 hand — 790.25 FARM wagons and carts 666.00 FASTENERS-corrugated 61+6.22 slide 71+5.70-7'+ snap 71+5.63-67 used with screw b o l t s or studs 61+6.1+2 used with power-actuated hand to o l s 61+6.15-17 FATS and f a t t y substances (see OILS, FATS, AND GREASES; ACIDS, f a t t y, and ALCOHOLS, f a t t y) FEATHERS— colored, or otherwise processed 7I+8.I+O crude, s o r t e d, or t r e a t e d Sch 1 Pt I5D Hdnte 1 186.10-15 dusters 750.35 importation prohibited Sch 1 Pt I5D Hdnte 2 millinery ornaments, feather trees, flowers, and articles nspf 71+8.1+0 FEEDS, ANIMAL - Sch 1 Pt I5C Hdnte 1 181+.10-75 FELDSPAR 522.31; 522.1+1 FELT-BASE FLOOR COVERINGS Sch 7 Pt 1+B Hdnte 2(d) 728.15 FELT(S)-furnishings, nonwoven wool felt 367.20-25 glass fiber — 5'+0.71 hair, and articles of, nspf 790.23 hat-making machines 670.33-35 machine clothing, nonwoven 358.21+-60 making and finishing machines 670.33-35 nonwoven, of textile materials, and articles of, nspf 355-05-25 FENCE-pickets, palings, rails, and sections, of wood 200.75 p o s t, of base metal 653.02-03 FENCING-foils 735-20 of w i r e — 61+2.35-87 FENNEL, s p i c e I6I.33 FERMENTED BEVERAGES 167.05-50 FERMENTS 1+37.1+6-^9

References to Tariff Schedules FERRICyANIDE(S)-potassium 1+20.11+ other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent)— — I+I7.I8-I+23.OO FERRITES 535.12 FERROALLOYS-ferrochromium Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2 (e)(i) 607.30-31 ferromanganese Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2 (e) ( i i) 607.35-37 ferromolybdenum Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2 (e) ( i i i) 607.1+0 ferronickel Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(d) 607.25 ferrophosphorus Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(iv) 607.1+5 ferrosilicon Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(v) 607.50-53 ferrosilicon chromium Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(vi) 607.55 ferrosilicon manganese Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(vil) 607.57 ferrosilicon titanium Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(viii) 607-60 ferrosilicon tungsten Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(ix) 607-65 ferrotitanium Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(x) 607-60 ferrotungsten Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(xi) 607.65 ferrovanadium Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(xii) 607.70 ferrozirconium Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(e)(xiii) 607-75 other 607.80 FERROCERIUM and other pyrophoric alloys 755-35 FERROCYANIDE(S) — potassium— ^ 1+20.16 sodium 1+21.0I+ other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent) I+I7.18-I+23.OO FERROELECTRIC ceramic elements 535.12 FERTILIZERS AND FERTILIZER MATERIALS — I+8O.O5-8O FERTILIZER SPREADERS 666.00 FESTOONING, of t i n s e l w i r e, lame, b u l l i o n s, or metal t h read s 7I+8.I5 FIBERS— animal hair, nontextile 186.10-55 asbestos-— — 518.11-21 for footwear (defined) Sch 7 Pt lA Hdnte 2(g) glass, nontextile 5I+O.7I textile-animal hair, nspf 312.10 cotton 300.10-50 flax 250.0I+ hair (defined) Sch 3 Pt IC Hdnte 1(a) hemp (defined) Sch 3 Pt IB Hdnte l(c) 250. OI+ jute (defined) Sch 3 Pt IB Hdnte 1(d) machines used to prepare fibers for spinning, for use as stuffing, or for manufacture of nonwoven felts or wadding 670.02-06 man-made 309.1+1-90 raw (defined) Sch 3 Pt IB Hdnte 1(b) silk --— 308.10-20 vegetable, except cotton 30I+.02-58 wool and related animal hair 306.00-307.52 vegetable, nontextile, unspun I92.55-85 FIBRIN 1+93-35 FIBROUS VEGETABLE MATERIALS, unspun Sch 2 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(d) FICIN —l+37-'+8 FIELD GLASSES , 7O8.5I FIFES _ 725.2I+ FIG PASTE 152.50