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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES 485 References to Tariff Schedules MJSK— artificial (synthetic) natural, grained or in pods MUSKETS MUSTARD, spiceground or prepared seeds, whole MUTES for musical instruments MUTTON (see M5ATS) MUZZLES, dog MYROBALAN, dyeing and tanning preparations—

UO8.30 U6O.6O 730.10 161.59 I6I.6I 726.25 790.10 U70.50-55

N NAIL FILES, cleaners, nippers, and clippers 6U9.91 (manicure and pedicure) NAII£— 6U6.25-36 of base metal 709.56 bone 6U6.22 hook, and ring 652.75 NAME-PLATES, of base metal NAPHTHALENE— with a solidifying point o f — U01.5U less than 79° C U03.06 79° or above NAPHTHAS, derived from petroleum, shale oil, U75.3S or natural gas NAPHTHENATE(S) — U26.32 copper other (classifiable according to cation constituent under "Salts of organic U26,08-U27.28 acids") U25.81t NAPHTHENIC ACID 2-NAPHTHOL (Beta-naphthol) — suitable for medicinal use U07.O8 other U03.50 NAPHTHOL AS and its derivatives UO6.6O NAPKINS Sch 3 Pt 5C Hdnte 1 NARROW FABRICS Sch 3 Pt UA Hdnte 2(a);3U7.10-3U7.75 NATIVITY SCENES, of rubber or plastics 772.97 NATURAL HISTORY SPECIMENS, for exhibition in scientific public collections 852.10 NAVIGATIONAL INSTRUMENTS 710.0U-50 NECK CHAINS Sch 7 Pt 6 A Hdnte 2(a);7liO.05-37 NECKUCES Sch 7 Pt 6 A Hdnte 2(a)j7U0.05-37 NECTIES, MEN'S AND BOYS' 373.05-30 pins and clips Sch 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2(a)57UO.05-37 NEEDLE-POINT TAPESTRY 36U.11-35 NEEDLES— crochet 651.07 darning or handsewing 651.05 books and cases with hand needles only 651.01-03 for embroidery machines 670.6U other, nspf 651.09 latch, spring-beard and other knitting 670.58-62 machine needles medical, dental, surgical, and veterinary 709.21-23 for sewing machines ^ 672.20 NEPHELINE SYENITE 522.33; 522.U3 NEROLI (ORANGE FLOWER) OIL U52.U2 NET (see also LACE OR NET)-making machines— 670.22-23

References to Tariff Schedules NETS AND NETTING— cargo nets, of wire cordage 6U2.20 fish nets and netting— for fish sampling 870.20 landing nets 731.50 of textile materials 355.35-1*5 game and sports nets Sch 7 Pt 5D netting— of textile materials 352.10-80 of wire 61i2.U5-87 for wild birds 870.25 NEWSPAPERS 270.55 NEWSPRINT 252.65 NEWSREELS, not developed, of current events abroad 72U.05 NEWS SOUND RECORDINGS relating to current events abroad 721*.15 NIACIN AND NUCINAMIDE Sch U Pt 3 Hdnte 2; 1;37.82-86 NICKEL (see also METALS) — compounds— salts of organic acids U26.58-6U other UI9.70-76 ore 601.36 silver (alloy) Sch 6 Pt 2C Hdnte 2(a)(i) NICOTINE AND ITS COMPOUNDS U37.13 NIPPERS— hand tools 6U8.8I-89 manicure or pedicure 6U9.91 NIPPLES, nursing, of rubber or plastics 772.1*0 NITER CAKE 1*20.7U NITRIC ACID 1*16.25 NITRILES l*0J,60i 1*25-00; hiS.t^ NITRATE(S) — ammonium 1*17.30 barium 1*17.76 calcium 1*80.20 fertilizers and fertilizer materials 1*80.20-25; 1*80.60; 1*80.65 guanidine 1*25. ^0 lead 1*19.02 potassium 1*20.21*; U8O.6O sodium 1*80.25 strontium 1*21.71* thorium 1*22.10 other (classifiable according to cation constituent) J la7.18-1*23.00; 1*25.52 NITRITE(S) — sodium 1*21.11* other (classifiable according to caton constituent) 1*17.18-1*23.00 NITROGEN 1*15.50 compounds and salts thereof (30c also NITRATES, and NITRITES) 1*25.00-52 nitrogenous fertilizers and fertilizer materials . 1*80.10-30; 1*80.65; 1*80.60 NITROPARAFFIMS 1^25.32 NOILS— of man-made fibers 309.60 of silk 308.10 of wool 307.06-08 NOISEMAKERS 737.70 NONENUMERATED PRODUCTS 798.00-799.00 NONWOVEN FABRICS 355.05-25 NOODLES 182.35-36 NOTTINGHAM LACE 351.60-70 NUMBERBJG MACHINES 676.12