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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES 491 References to T a r i f f Schedules

References to Tariff Schedules PINS—Continued jewelry S o h 7 P t 6 A Hdnte 2 (a); 7U0.05-35 for making ceramic articles 531-31 safety 7U5.S6 textile 670.70 tuning 726.US single-shaft, pointed on one end and headed on the other 7^5.50-58 PIPE(S) — a s b e s to s and hydraulic cement 5l8.lil base metal Sch 6 Pt 2 Hdnte 3(e) aluminum 6l8.U5-U7 copper 613.02-12 ceramic, sewer and drain Sch 5 Pt 2B Hdnte 2 (b); 532.61 cutters 6U8.93-95 glass 5UO.U1-U3 i r o n or s t e e l — cast iron 610.56-58 conduits, e l e c t r i c a l 688.30 other than c a s t i r o n 610.30-52 lead 62 U.S0-51i nickel 620.UO-li2 pitch 726.10 rubber or plastics, for gases or liquids 772.65 textile, for gases or liquids

357.90-95 tin 622.ho tobacco Sch 7 Pt 9B Hdnte 1 & 2;756.20-35; 756.50-55 tools 6U8.93-97 zinc 626.U5 PISTACHE NUTS (see a l s o NUTS) lli5.26; 1U5.53 PISTOLS — blank, captive-bolt, and Very light 730.80-81 compressed air or gas (arms) 730.86 firearms 730.10-19 spring- or rubber-operated (arms) 730.86 toy 737.80-90 PITCH— burgandy, marine g l u e, wood U93.U5-U7 coal t a r, b l a s t - f u r n a c e t a r, o i l - g a s t a r, water-gas t a r, t a r coke UOl.60 PITCH PIPES 726.10 PLANES 651.29-31 PLANTAINS (see a l s o FRUITS) lU9.10-16 PLANTERS, a g r i c u l t u r a l 666.00 PLANTING POTS i n part of peat moss 790.UO PLANTS— d r i e d, bleached, c o l o r e d, e t c.; and ornamental articles made therefrom 7^8.30-35 live 125.01-80 for U.S. Department of Agriculture or U.S. Botanic Gardens 835.00 PLAQUES— ceramic 53ii. 21-97 rubber or p l a s t i c s 773.10 PLASTER ROCK, crude, ground, or c a l c i n e d 5l2.21-2li PLASTICIZERS— benzenoid U05.U0 nonbenzenoid (see s p e c i f i c compounds, Sch k, P t s 2 and 13) PLASTICS — articles (see RUBBER AND PLASTICS) materials — benzenoid Soh 1 Pt IC Hdnte 3; U05.25 + nonbenzenoid Sch k P t hA Hdnte 2; UU5.05-75 PUTE GLASS 5U3.11-69

PLATE (S) — base-metal— aluminum copper

Sch 6 Pt 2D Hdnte 3 (c); 618.25-29 Soh 6 Pt 2C Hdnte 3 (a); 612.30-52

iron or s t e e l — nonrectangular in shape rectangular in shape tie, steel

Sch 6


Sch 6


Sch 6


Sch 6


Soh 6

609.12-17 609.17; 608.81-96 Pt 2B Hdnte 3 (m); 610.25-26 Pt 2G Hdnte 3 (a); 62U.10-21; Pt 2E Hdnte 3 (a); 620.08-16 Pt 2F Hdnte 3 (a); 622.15-17 Pt 2H Hdnte 3 (a); 626.15-2U 668.Ol; 709.56 652.06 720.67 203.10 723.25

bed, for pulp or paper machines bone • boot or shoe, of oast malleable iron clock-movement -'--•rr. densified wood dry, photographic product of United States, exposed abroad 8o5.O0 engravers', of copper 653.05-07 for manufacturing into brushes for electric generators, motors, etc. 517.81 polarizing material 5U0.67 printing, engraved or otherwise prepared 668.38 rubber or plastic Sch 7 Pt 12B Hdnte l(b);770.05 sign- or name-, of base metal 65?. 75 for soldering, of base metal or metal carbides, coated or cored with flux 653.10-15 tableware (see TABLEWARE) for to o l t i p s, of s i n t e r e d metal carbide 6U9.53 watch-movement 720.65 PLATINUM AND PLATINUM-GROUP METALS (IRIDIUM, OSMIUM, PALLADIUM, RHODIUM, AND RUTHENIUM) (see also MSTALS) — compounds U19.90 leaf 6I4U. 60 metal 605.02-08; 605.60-70 ore 601.39 PLATTERS (see TABLEWARE) PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT 735.20 PUYING CARDS 73U.25 PLEASURE BOATS 696.05-UO PLIERS 6U8.81-89 PLOWS — a g r i c u l t u r a l or h o r t i c u l t u r a l 651.39; 666.00 snow, not s e l f - p r o p e l l e d 66U.05 PLUGS— electrical 685.90 spark and glow, for i n t e r n a l combustion engines 683.60 PLUMBING FIXTURES, ceramic 535.31 PLUMS (see also FRUITS) 1^9.20-23 PLUSHES — f a b r i c s, cotton 31+6.35 furnishings, cotton 366.60 PLYWOOD Sch 2 Pt 3 Hdnte 1 (b); 2UO.10-20