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Reference to Tariff Schedules

SIRENS, electrical SIRUP— derived from sugar beets and sugar cane— dextrose flavored or blended


685.70 155.20-36 155.65 155.75-76


SISAL (textile fiber) 30U.U6-U8 SKATES, including footwear with skates permanently attached Sch 7 Pt 5D ice 73U.92 rollers 73U. 90 SKEET TARGETS 735.18 SKELETONS 190.80 SKETCHES— executed wholly by hand 765.05-07 for institutions 850.10j 851.10 imported under bond 862.10; 86U.70 SKEWERS, wooden 206.87 SKILLETS, electric 68U.20 SKIMMINGS, metal-bearing Sch 6 Pt 1 Hdnte 2(b) SKIN(S) (see also HIDES AMD SKINS, and FUR) — goldbeaters' 792.20 grafts, human U37.76 SKIN-DIVING EQUIFMEHT (breathing devices) 735.15 SKIS and SKI ECJUHMENT 73U.96-97 SLABS— cork 220.20 glass, pressed or molded, used for building 5UO.U7 iron and steel Sch 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 3(c); 608.15-18 metal, unwrought Soh 6 Pt 2 Hdnte 3(a) iron or steel Soh 6 Pt 2B Hdnte 3(o); 608.15-18

rubber or plastics

Sch 7 Pt 12B Hdnte 1(a); 771.20-55

stone Sch 5 Pt 10 Hdnte 2 SLACK (coal) 521.31 SLAG— basic U80.35 metal-bearing Sch 6 Pt 1 Hdnte 2(b) SLASHIHO MACHINES, textile 670.12 SLATE, and articles of 5l5.11-Hi SLEDGES 651.23 SLEDS 73U. 97 SLEEVES, abrasive 519.51 SLICERS, food, non-industrial, not powered by • electricity 6U9.57 SLIDE RULES 710.60-61 SLIMES, refinery, metal-bearing Sch 6 Pt 1 Hdnte 2(b) SLINGS, of wire cordage 61*2.20 SLIPCOVERS, furniture— of rubber or plastics 772.35 of textile materials Sch 3 Pt 5C Hdnte 1 SLIPPERS 700.325 Sch 7 Pt U Hdnte 1; 2(e) SLIVER(S) — asbestos 5l8.21 cotton 300.U5-50 man-made fibers 309.80-90 miscellaneous textile materials 312.10 silk 308.20 vegetable fibers (except cotton) 30U.0li-08; 30U.22-S6J 30U.3lt; 30lt.U0; 30h.hh; 301^.1485 30U.525 30lt.58 wool 307.50-52

References to Tariff Schedules SMOKELESS POWDERS SMOKERS' ARTICLES— ceramic ware cigar and cigarette cases

U85.30 53U.21-97

Soh 7 Pt IB Hdnte 2(c)j Sch 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2(b)5 7U0.05-10 holders and cases therefor Soh 7 Pt 6A Hdnte 2(b)j 7U0.05-10j 756.UO-U5j756.6o lighters 756.02-15 glassware 5U6.11-57 pipes, pipe bowls and parts 756.20-35;756.50-55 SNELLED HOOKS , 731.05 SNIPS, tin 6U8.91 SNOW PLOWS, not self-propelled 66U.05 SNOWSHOES 73U.96 SNUFF and ajUFF FLOUR 170.75 SOAP and SOAP POWDER 1*66.05-25 SOAPSTONE, and articles of 523.31-37 SOCCER EQUIPMENT 73U.70-72 SOCKETS, electric lamp 685.90 SOCKS AHD SOCKETTES (see HOSIERY) SOD OIL 178.05 SODA ASH (sodium carbonate) U20.8U SODIUM U15.IO compounds— benzoate U05.U5 nitrate 1*80.25 salts— of fats, oils and greases and of fatty acids derived therefrom1*65.25-30 of organic acids U26.86-U27.OU other 1*20.68-U21.62 SOIL— heating apparatus, electric 68U.50 preparation and cultivation machinery 666.00 SOLDERING— machines and apparatus, electrical 683.95 wire, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes, etc., of base metal or metal carbides, coated or cored with flux 653.10-15 SONDES 709.09 SOOT REMOVERS 660.15 SORTING MACHINERY, for earth, stone, ores, or other minerals in solid form 678.20 SOUND— amplifier sets, electric 68U.70 recordings (see RECORDINGS) SOUPS, SOUP ROLLS, SOUP TABLETS or CUBES 182.50-52 SOURSOPS (see also FRUITS) IU6.8O-8I SOUSAPHONES Sch 7 Pt 3A Hdnte 2(a) 725.20-22 SOY BEAN(S) — oil, crude or refined(see also OILS, FATS, AND GREASES) 176.52 oil-bearing 175.U8-U9 prepared or preserved (vegetables) lUl.05 SPACE CRAFT 69U.50 SPACE HEATERS— electric 68U.20-50 non-electric, household, hotel, restaurant, or hotel types '• 653.U5-50 SPADES 61*8.51