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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES 503 References to T a r i f f Schedules

References to Tariff Schedules

SULFIDES(S)~ antimony arsenic

Ul7.52 Ijl?.60

iron (pyrites) sodium organic other (classifiable according to cation constituent SULFITE(S), bisulfite(s) and thiosulfate(s) — sodium

UI8.9O U2I.52 U29.60 Ul7.l8-i;23.00 U21.51*

other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent) SULFOXYUTE(S)—, sodium formaldehyde mixtures of other ( c l a s s i f i a b l e according to c a t i o n constituent) SULFUR black (pigment) compounds of dioxide SULFURIC ACID SUMC, dyeing and tanning p r e p a r a t i o n s SUNFLOWER— o i l j crude or r e f i n e d ( s e e a l s o OILS, FATS and GREASES) seed SUNN ( textile f i b e r) SUPERHEATERS

Iil7.l8-li23.00 li26.96 ll23.81t ld7.18-1*23.00 Id5.1i5 U06.02 li29.60 1*22.91; Ul6.35 li70.50-55 176.51i-55 175.51 30U.50-52 660.15

SURFACE-ACTIVF; AGENTS— benzenoid nonbenzenoid

li05.35 Sch k Ft 8A Hdnte 1 1^65.05-95 SURFACE-TEMPERING APPLIANCES, g a s - o p e r a t e d 671*.80-90 SURGICAL— absorbable hemostats, s t e r i l e • li95.10 b e l t s, t r u s s e s, and s i m i l a r articles 709.57 furniture 727.02-01* i n s t r u m e n t s and apparatus 709.01-27 s u t u r e s and s u t u r e m a t e r i a l s, s t e r i l e 1*95.10 SURVEIING INSTRUMENTS 710.0l*-l*2 barometers, a n e r o i d, with a l t i m e t e r setting 711.1*5 SUSPENDERS SUTURES, surgical, and suture materials, sterile


SWEETSOPS (see a l s o FRUITS) SVONE (see a l s o ANIMALS) SWITCHBOARDS SWITCHES— electrical time SWORDFISH ( s e e FISH) SWORDS SPRINGES— bulbs for medical, d e n t a l, s u r g i c a l, and v e t e r i n a r y, i n c l u d i n g hypodermic of rubber or p l a s t i c s, not i n part of g l a s s or metal

IU6.8O-8I 100.85 685.90

T TABLE— articles, nspf, of metal - c l o t h s, of textile m a t e r i a l s c o v e r s, of rubber or p l a s t i c s forks


685.90 715.60-68 730.05 772.1*2 709.13 772.1*2

653.60-651*.20 Sch 3 P t 5C Hdnte 1 772.35 650.31-1*9

implements nspf, of character of hand

tools—'knives lamps, of base metal spoons and l a d l e s - t e n n i s equipment

— •

651.1*7-55 650.01-21 653.35-1*0 650.51-57 731*.30-1*2

TABLES (see a l s o FURNITURE) — communion, for r e l i g i o u s institutions designed for games TABLEWARE— articles, nspf ceramicbone china earthen nonbone china and subporcelain glass rubber or plastics sterling silver and other precious metal TACHOMETERS— electric

non-electrical TACKLE— fishing pulley TACKS— thumb other TAILORS I IRONS TALC, and articles of, nspf TALL OIL TALLOW ( s e e a l s o OILS, FATS, and GREASES)— crude or r e f i n e d — animal vegetable s u l f o n a t e d or s u l f a t e d TAMARINDS (see a l s o FRUITS) TAMFICO FIBER (see ISTLE) TANKAGE TANKS—

850.70 73l*.1*0-1*2 653.60-651*. 20 533.11-77 533.1*1 533.11-37 533.51-77 51*6.11-57 772.03-15 653.60-62 712.25-27

711.9l*-96 731.05-60 661*.10 61*6.02-06 61*6.25-36 651.1*5 523.31-37 1*93.82 177.56 176.90 1*65.70 11*9.1*0 l81*.55

developing, photographic 722.88-90} 722.96 m e t a l, over 7 5 - g a l l o n c a p a c i t y 61*0.35 military vehicles 692.1*5 TANNIC ACID— c o n t a i n i n g 50^ or more of t a n n i c acid by weight 1*37.68-69 other 1*25.98 TANNING MATERIALS— i n o r g a n i c ( c l a s s i f i a b l e under provisions ' for s p e c i f i c congjounds) Sch 1 Pt 2C; 1*17.10-1*23.00

of vegetable o r i g i n 1*70.05-85 s y n the t i c, benzenoid 1*05.55 TANTALUM ( s e e a l s o METALS) — congjounds 1*23.00 metal

629.05-10 ore '• 601.1*2 TAPE RECORDER 685.1*0-1*2 TAPE RECORDINGS 72l*.20; 72l*.l*0 TAPERS 755.25 TAPES— asbestos ~ 5l8.21 l a d d e r, of c o t to n 385.1*0 with a l i g h t - r e f l e c t i n g surface 790.50 pressure-sensitive 790.55 recording media, magnetic 721*.1*5 recordings 721*.12-20; 72l*.l*0 TAPESTRIES— Gobelin and other hand-woven, f i t only for use as w a l l hangings 361*.05 other 361*.11-35 TAPESTRY FABRICS 357.05-15 TAPPING HAND TOOLS 651.27 TAPS 680.20-27 TAR— c o a l, b l a s t - f u r n a c e, o i l - g a s, and water gas., 1*01.18 p i t c h of 1*01.60 coke, p i t c h of 1*01.62 wood