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507 References to Tariff Schedules TURN-TABLES TURPENTINE, gum and spirits of TURTLES (see also ANIMALS) TWEEZERS TWINE binder and baler

685.32 188.50 100.90 6U9.91 Sch 3 Pt 2 Hdnte 1(a) Sch 3 Pt 2 Hdnte 1(e); 315.20

TYPES— printing special, for the use or benefit of the blind TYPESETTING, MACHINES TYPEWRITERS TYPEWRITING APPARATUS and INSTRUMENTS, electric telegraph

668.36 826.20 668.25 676.05 681(.6U


li73.8ii 687.10 Ii72.1i6-li8; U73.38 Sch 7 Pt 8 B Hdnte 1; 751.05 737.90 378.05-70 830.00-836.00 680.51+ 661^.10 Sch 2 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(d) 357.05-15 651.OU

toy UNDERWEAR UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IMPORTATIONS UNIVERSAL JOINTS UNLOADING MACHINERY UNSPUN FIBROUS VEGETABLE MATERIALS UPHOLSTERY FABRIC UPHOLSTERY REGULATORS URANATE(S) — sodium other (classifiable according to cation constituent) URANIUM (see also METALS) — compounds (see also URANATES)— salts of organic acids other metal ore UEEA methylol resins UHETHANE RESINS URUNDAT, dyeing and tanning preparations UTENSILS and articles, household, nspf— ceramic glass rubber or plastics wood

1+21.58 Ul7.l8-U23.00 U27.28 U22.50-52 629.50 601.57 U8O.3O 1*25.22 Uli5.35 1*05.25 U70.50-57 53U. 21-97 5U6.11-57 772.03-15 206.95-97

V VACCINES U37.76 VACUUM— bottles and containers 790.59-63 bottle inners 5U5.31-37 cleaners, non-industrial, with selfcontained electric motors 683.30 pumps 661.15 VALANCES— of rubber or plastics 772.35 of textile materials Sch 3 Pt 5C Hdnte 1 VALERIC ACID li25.96 VALERIC ANHYDRIDE U26.02 VALISES Sch 7 Pt ID Hdnte 2(a)(i) VALONIA, dyeing and tanning preparations li70.60-65

References to Tariff Schedules VALVES 680.20-27 VANADATE(S)

Sch U Pt 2C ammonium i 1*17.1*2 potassium . U20,3h sodium U21.60 other (classifiable according to cation constituent) Ul7.l8-U23.00 VANADIUM (see also METALS) — compounds (see also VANADATES)— salts of organic acids U27.22 other ljg2.58-62 metal 632.58j 632.68 mixtures of U23.9U ore 601.60 VANILLA BEANS 193.15 VANILLIN UO8.8O VANS, LIFT (see also CONTAINERS) — of base metal— of stainless steel 6U0.20 other 6UO.3O of wood 20U.3O VAPOR— generating boilers 66O.IO power units 660.25-35 VAPORIZING MACHINERY, industrial, plant, and laboratory equipment 66I.7O VARNISHES Sch U Pt 9C Hdnte 3 J U7U.UO-U6 VATS, metal, over 75-gallon capacity 6U0.35 VEAL (see MEATS) VEGETABLE— dyeing and tanning preparations Sch U Pt 9A Hdnte 1 U70.05-85 fibers, textile— cotton 300.10-50 other Sch 3 Pt IB Hdnte 1(a); 30U.02-58 glue U55.30-32 juices 166.30 materials— fibrous, nontextile Sch 2 Pt 2B Hdnte 2(d); 222.05-28; 192.55-85 oil-bearing 175.03-57 oil cake and oil-cake meal 18U.50-52 oils (see OILS, FATS, and GREASES) parchment paper 253.25 seeds 126.01-127.10 substances— candied, crystallized, or glace 15U.60 crude, nspf 193.25 tallow 176.90 waxes U9U.10-18 VEGETABLE MATERIALS, fibrous, unspun (bamboo, rattan, willow, chip, straw, palm leaf, grass, seagrass, and similar fibrous vegetable substances)— articles of Sch 2 Pt 2B Hdnte 2 baskets and bags 222.U0-UU blinds, shutters, curtains, screens, and shades 222.50 woven or partly assembled material suitable for blinds, shutters, e t c — 222.30-36 bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, wreaths, and similar ornamental articles of dried, bleached, colored, or chemically treated grasses or other natural plants 7U8.35