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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES 509 References to T a r i f f Schedules WAaCE AHD SCRAP—Continued metals—Continued zirconium 629.60 other "base m e t a l s 632.02-58 mica $16.21-21+J 516.41 nspf 793.00 paper and paper board ———— 250.Ol)photographic film •J2h.30 plastics 771.05; 771.15 rubber 771.10 t e a, for making chemical p r o d u c t s under bond Sch 8 Pt 5D 867.00 importation prohibited Sch 1 Pt llA Hdnte 3 textile Sch 3 Pt 1 Hdnte 1 cordage 390.10-12 man-made f i b e r s 309.60-66 rs«s Sch 3 P t 7C; 390.20-60 bagging and sugar-sack fabric 390.20 wiping 390.30 other 390.kO-60 silk 308.10-20 vegetable fibers— abaca 301)-.02 coir 3Cik.06 cotton 3OO.iiO-.50 crin vegetal 304.08 flax 30i;.12 hemp 30l+.20 Jute 30h.32 kapok 301*.38 ramie 36k.h2 s i s a l and henequen 30l)-.')-6 sunn 301*.50 other 301+.56 vool and r e l a t e d h a i r 307.02-18 tobacco scrap 170.61-64 Trtiale 184.55 wood 200.10 WATCHES Sch 7 P t 2E Hdnte 2 (a) J 715.05 assemblies and sub-assemblies 720.70-75 cases Sch 7 Pt 2E Hdnte 2(d); 720.20-30 chain(s) 740.05-35; 740.70-80 dials 720.40-42 glasses 547.11-13 Jewels Sch 7 Pt 2E Hdnte 2(e); 720.60 movements Sch 7 Pt 2E Hdnte 2(b); 716.08-719.— parts nspf 720.90 plates 720.65 WATER(S)— bay (bay rum) 461.15 chestnuts (see VEGETABLES) engines 66O.65-7O floral or flower 461.20 gas generators, with or without purifiers 660.22 heaters. Instantaneous, storage, or immersion— electric 684.40 non-electrical 66I.65 -melons (see also ERUITS)— fresh — 148.20-21 prepared or preserved 148.35-36 mineral I66.10 soda 166.20 toilet 461.30-35 turbines 660.65-7O under-water breathing devices, not requiring attendants 735.15 wheels 660.65-7O

References to Tariff Schedules WATEH-GAS TAR— crude 401.18 pitch of 401.60 WATT-HOOR METERS, and standard meters for checking or calibrating such meters 7I3.O5-I5 WAraiiE, dyeing and tanning preparations 4-70.50-57 WAXES— animal 494.02-08 a r t i f i c i a l mixtures 494.30 mineral 494.20-24 vegetable 494.10-18 W X or PARAFFIN COATED PAPER A 254.54 WEAPONS 730.05-77; 730.81-93 WEARING APPAREL— footwear Sch 7 Pt lA Hdnte 1^ 700.05-85 of fur on the skin, nspf 79I.O5-I5 gloves Sch 7 Pt IC Hdnte l(a]6; 7Oli.OS-705.9O headwear Sch 7 Pt IB Hdnte 1(a); 702.05-703.75 of leather, nspf 791.60-75 models of, under bond, by manufacturers 864.10 regalia, for institutions Sch 8 Pt 4 Hdnte 2; 850.40; 851.30 of rubber or plastics, nspf 772.30 of textile materials Sch 3 Pt 6 theatrical, under bond 864.65 WEATHER BOARDS 202.45-50 WEAVING MACHINES 670.14 WEBBING, TEJCrilE (see FABRICS, narrow) WEBS, nspf 355.05-25 WEDGES 651.25 WEIGHING MACHINERY (see also BALANCES) 662.25-30 WEIGBT-OPERATED— counting and checking machines 662.30 motors 660.80 WEIGHTS— for balances of a sensitivity of 5 centigrams or better 7II.08 for other weighing machinery 662.30 WELDING— appliances, gas-operated 674.80-90 machines and a p p a r a t u s, e l e c t r i c a l 683.90-95 wire, rods, tubes, p l a t e s, electrodes, e t c., of base metal or metal c a r b i d e s, coated or cored with flux 653.IO-I5 WETOING AGENTS (see SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS) WHALEBONE, articles o f, n s p f 792.40 •WHAiE(S) — fit for human consumption (see MEATS) homogenized condensed 184.55 live Sch 1 Pt 1 Hdnte 1; 100.95 not fit for human consumption 184.55 oil, crude or refined (see also OILS, FATS, and GREASES) I77.32-36 scrap, meal, and solubles 184.55 WHEAT ^ 130.65-70 milled 131.40; 131.72-75 WHEEL GOODS 732.02-62