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TARIFF SCHEDULES OF THE UNITED STATES SCHEDULE 1. - ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS Part 7. - Cereal Grains, Milled Grain Products, and Malts and Starches 39 Rates of Duty

Subpart C. - Malts and Starches

132.15 132.20 132.25 132.30 132.35

132.50 132.55

Malts and malt extract: Malts: Rye malt Barley and other malts Malt extract: Fluid Solid or condensed

22.5* per 100 lbs. 300 per 100 lbs.

kO0 per 100 lbs. kOt per 100 lbs.

kOi per gal. 30% ad val.

$1 per gal. 60i^ ad val.

l<t p e r l b.

2,50 per lb. 1.50 per lb.

Arrowroot, cassava, and sago flours and starches, and tapioca Other starches: Potato Other

0.750 per lb.